Lawrence, Kansas, July 2004 -MartinLogan, the Loudspeaker Technology Company, announces the introduction of architecturally inspired high -performance Voyage™ and Passage™ in -wall loudspeakers. Built upon MartinLogan's heritage of ultimate performance and ultimate design, these innovative audio products represent MartinLogan's premiere offering in the rapidly expanding in -wall loudspeaker market.

Features include:

• Quick, Trouble Free Installation
• Unbreakable, Constant Control, Die -Cast Aluminum Mounting Locks
• High -Resolution ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) Transducers
• High -Excursion Aluminum Element Woofers
• Massive Audiophile Grade Crossovers
• Ultra Rigid, Wall Stiffening, Extruded Aluminum Chassis
• Paintable End Caps and a Selection of Grill Color Options
• Highly Adjustable Tweeter Alignment Sphere
• IR Repeater Ready

Quick, Trouble Free Installation
To provide an extremely quick and trouble free installation, MartinLogan's passionate engineering and design team created an extremely robust mounting lock system. When not in use the unbreakable, constant control, die -cast aluminum mounting locks are held firmly in place within a self -contained housing. When the mounting locks are moved into place during installation they firmly couple the loudspeakers rigid chassis to the drywall. If for any reason the speaker should be removed from the wall the mounting locks retract and lock themselves out of the way within their self -contained housing.

Every Voyage and Passage loudspeaker is provided with a rigid, full size installation template featuring a handle, quick reference installation instructions, and die cut guides for marking the cutout hole. To minimize installation site clutter, both speakers are boxed so that parts are removed from the shipping container in the order they are needed for installation -first the template, next the speaker and finally the grill covers.

ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) Transducers Provide Clarity, Detail and Resolution
ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) transducers, based on RADIA planar technology, consist of a micro -thin, low mass diaphragm with an ultra -light, etched conductive aluminum surface suspended between two high field strength neodymium super magnet arrays. When an electrical current (audio signal) passes through the etched aluminum on the diaphragm's surface it is simultaneously pulled towards one of the neodymium arrays and pushed away from the opposing. When the direction of current is reversed the diaphragm is simultaneously pushed and pulled in the opposite direction, thus producing sound. This concept is called push -pull and is a major contributor to the linearity and sonic superiority of both ATF and electrostatic MartinLogan thin film transducers

ATF diaphragms are constructed of extremely low mass Dupont Kaladex® PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) -a material chemically similar to the low -mass PET (polyethylene terathylate) film used in MartinLogan's Generation 2 electrostatic transducers, yet capable of handling the high thermal requirements needed for stable magnetic thin film operation. Full surface drive capabilities allow this durable, low -mass diaphragm to remain discretely sized, yet achieve extremely low -distortion levels with superior resolution.

High -Resolution Woofer for Accurate Bass
Utilizing high -excursion, high -resolution state -of -the -art woofers specially designed for accurate in -wall bass performance, Voyage and Passage deliver a precise low -end with accuracy, authority and extension uncommon to traditional in -wall loudspeakers.

Massive Audiophile Grade Crossover for Ultimate Clarity
State -of -the -art audiophile grade Vojtko™ crossovers found within the Voyage and Passage are designed and manufactured with the same meticulous attention, care and precision as those found in MartinLogan's ultimate loudspeaker products. To maintain the integrity of the original audio signal throughout the filter, all high -performance crossover components, including massive air -core coil inductors, are carefully mounted to 1/8 -inch thick high -rigidity circuit boards with ultra -wide traces.

Ultra Rigid Extruded Aluminum Chassis and Baffle Stiffens Wall
Extruded and milled, the Voyage and Passage aluminum chassis exhibits rigidity capable of stiffening the wall in which they are installed, thus minimizing acoustically destructive vibrations. Additionally, an extremely dense and rigid, one inch -thick front baffle further minimizes acoustically destructive vibrations.

Flexible Aesthetic and Performance Features Allow High Levels of Integration
Paintable end caps and a selection of grill color options endow the Voyage and Passage with the flexibility to complement any decor. The Industry's most highly adjustable tweeter alignment sphere (featuring 20° pan and tilt and 90° degree rotation capabilities) allows incredible adaptability in any environment. Horizontal and vertical installation options make the Voyage and Passage ideal for 2 -channel stereo and multi -channel home theater listening in left, center, right or surround configurations.

IR Repeater Ready for Custom Installations
Voyage and Passage feature locations and predrilled pilot hole where IR repeaters can be installed allowing custom installers even more flexibility when integrating an audio/video system into a home.

MartinLogan, one of the most respected names in audio, is located in Lawrence, Kansas, where 80 employees handcraft the company's ultimate loudspeaker products. The speaker systems, incorporating MartinLogan's patented CLS (Curvilinear Line Source) high -resolution electrostatic technology and ATF™ (Advanced Thin Film) transducers, range in price from $649 to $90,000 (US Retail). The subwoofer systems range in price from $599 to $2795. For more information regarding MartinLogan visit, or contact Devin Zell at (785) 749 -0133. High -resolution images are available on -line at

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