WireTracks Announcement: New Product

WireTracks LLC announces WireTracks CM (crown molding), a wiring channel product designed for use in new or remodel crown molding applications.

For Immediate Release

Seattle, WA, August 2004 - WireTracks LLC is on a mission to turn every piece of molding in every home and business in America into a wiring channel through which wiring for new technologies can be easily added at any time in the future.

To continue its mission, WireTracks LLC announces WireTracks CM (crown molding), a wiring channel product designed for use in new or remodel crown molding applications.

"Many people are adding crown molding to beautify and add elegance to their homes," explains Bruce Gutman, President of WireTracks, "WireTracks CM simplifies the installation of crown molding and provides a removable wiring channel through which homeowners can upgrade their wiring at any time."

WireTracks introduced the concept of invisible wiring channels that work with any moldings, but the original WireTracks product requires cutting out wallboard for proper installation. WireTracks CM does not require any wallboard cutting, which saves significant installation time.

"Baseboard molding is often interrupted by doorframes and other architectural features," explains Bruce Gutman, "Because most ceilings are uninterrupted throughout the floor of a house, wiring can be run between any two points on the same floor of a house, as long as they have connected walls."

WireTracks CM is technically not a wiring channel, but instead a removable crown molding bracketing system that retains and conceals wiring. As a result, WireTracks CM can be used for both low -voltage and electrical wiring.

The following installation shows a profile of the WireTracks CM product:

WireTracks CM consists of interlocking brackets that attach to crown molding and a wall. Components of a WireTracks CM installation include:

Female connectors -attach directly to the wall and ceiling.
Male connectors -attach to the crown molding and enable you to remove and reattach the crown molding any time new wiring is needed. They are hinged and can be adjusted from a 30 to 60 spring angle.
Cable clips -attach to the female connectors and retain wiring. These clips feature break points that allow you to adjust their length for different sizes of crown molding.
Any crown molding (not included with product) -WireTracks CM works with any crown molding 3" and larger.

The following image shows a WireTracks CM installation:

Although pricing has not been set at this time, installing WireTracks CM in a 12' x '12 room is expected to cost less than $100 in WireTracks materials plus the cost of the crown molding and installation labor.

For more information about WireTracks wiring channel systems, contact Bruce Gutman at 206 -361 -6110 or bruce@wiretracks.com. Or, visit the WireTracks website at www.wiretracks.com.

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