Wipro licenses IEEE 1394 AVLINK Software Stack to Zoran for Digital Video Recorder Application

`We chose Wipro to deliver Zoran a proven 1394 AVLINK software stack to ship in our DVD recorders,` said Dr. Jinxing (Gene) Liu, vice president and general manager DVD division at Zoran.

Bangalore, August 4th , 2004 : Wipro Technologies, the global IT services division of Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT), today announced the licensing of its IEEE 1394 Audio Video LINK (AVLINK) software stack to Zoran Corporation, a leading provider of digital solutions -on -a -chip for applications in the growing digital entertainment and digital imaging markets.

"We chose Wipro to deliver Zoran a proven 1394 AVLINK software stack to ship in our DVD recorders," said Dr. Jinxing (Gene) Liu, vice president and general manager DVD division at Zoran. "We value Wipro's commitment to quality and strong technical support."

Wipro has licensed its IEEE 1394 AVLINK software stack to Zoran and has backed it up with extensive customization support. Wipro's AVLINK Software stack includes the AVLINK driver and bus manager, FCP/CMP, AV/C general command set, AV/C HDD sub -unit and camcorder controller sub -unit.

The increasing usage of digital televisions (DTV), digital video recorders, digital set top boxes and camcorders, has made the connectivity of these devices a major challenge. With its excellent peer -to -peer connectivity features, IEEE 1394 has emerged as the next -generation interface for peripheral products at home to provide the consumer one wholesome experience.

"We value our relationship with Zoran and their selection of our 1394 AVLINK software stack and this further enhances our leadership in 1394 solutions", said Ramesh Emani, President, Embedded & Product Engineering Solutions, Wipro Technologies. "Our connectivity solutions portfolio includes IEEE 1394, USB, ethernet and wireless LAN. We continue to invest in the 1394 market and the coming year will see us growing our portfolio of 1394 solutions" he further added.

Wipro has a leadership position in connectivity solutions particularly in IEEE 1394 with a comprehensive suite of IPs consisting of both 1394a and 1394b link layer and physical layer cores. Wipro's IEEE 1394 software solutions have been successfully ported to Wipro's own IP cores and to off -the -shelf 1394 chips including those from TI and Fujitsu.

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