HDTV Forum 2004 Speakers to Explore HDTV Wildcard: Consumer Front Projection

If manufacturers can offer compelling performance solutions at very affordable price points, and retailers learn how to sell them, the consumer may buy millions of home projectors.

AUSTIN, TEXAS and NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -One of the wildcards in the HDTV revolution is the adoption of front projectors in the home. If manufacturers can offer compelling performance solutions at very affordable price points, and retailers learn how to sell them, the consumer may buy millions of home projectors - potentially stealing sales from other big -screen display alternatives. A session at the upcoming HDTV Forum 2004 will be devoted to understanding if or when front projectors will have an impact on the market. HDTV Forum 2004 will take place at the luxurious Westin Century Plaza on August 24 -26 in Los Angeles.

HDTV Forum 2004 is organized by DisplaySearch, the worldwide leader in flat panel display (FPD) market research and consulting and Insight Media, the leading source for information on the microdisplay industry. The three -day conference is designed to bring together the entire TV food chain including representatives from TV and cable networks, government agencies, satellite and cable providers, retailers, distributors, TV brands, TV OEMs, panel/tube/engine manufacturers and IC manufacturers. The much -anticipated event boasts 17 sessions and over 60 speakers.

Session 11: Front Projection TVs: Niche or Mainstream? taking place on August 26 at 8:30AM, this session features these speakers:

Scott Hix, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Americas Business Unit, InFocus
Steve Medina, Senior Manager, Product Planning and Development, Mitsubishi
Bob Hana, President, Runco
Jon Herron, National Director of Product Training, Tweeter

Chris Chinnock, President, Insight Media will moderate a panel discussion with the speakers and the audience following individual presentations.

Consumer front projection is already an established market, but current volumes are small as most systems are sold through specialty channels and dealers that offer high -performance solutions. However, there are a number of lower -priced home theater projectors that are starting to catch the eye of consumers. After all, a front projector can offer the best screen size to cost ratio of all the big -screen alternatives. The goal of projection system manufacturers is to open up a low -cost home theater market that will drive sales of millions of units.

Some key issues are holding back the market:

- Consumer awareness of the front projection option
- Retailers finding a way to properly sell front projectors
- The more complex system integration and installation problem
- Image washout in ambient lighting

The speakers in Session 11 have been chosen to discuss these and other key topics, and they will views of the markets from several different perspectives. For example, InFocus is a leading manufacturer of home theater projectors and is offering products in various price points. Speaker Scott Hix will examine how his company is approaching the market, where they see opportunities and how they see the market evolving.

Mitsubishi, known for their expertise in color technology, mainly targets the middle part of the market with its projectors. However, Steve Medina will direct his remarks at ways to move from a niche market to a mass market.

Runco offers premium home theater solutions for the mid to high -end of the market, and Bob Hana will discuss why Runco has been so successful in their part of the market and the prospects for creating a mass consumer segment.

Tweeter is a specialty retailer and speaker Jon Herron will offer his views about what is working and not working with home front projection in their selling environment.

Overall, HDTV Forum 2004 will bring together the entire TV food chain. As such, it is a convenient and affordable way for customers and suppliers to meet, as well as a chance for suppliers to meet their customers' customers and vice versa. In addition, this forum will create broad awareness regarding critical trends in the industry, such as the migration to HDTV worldwide, roadblocks to rapidly expanding HDTV programming, customer awareness of HDTV, retail vs. direct, IT vs. CE, how TV brands position their different TV technologies, how fast flat panel and microdisplay rear projection prices will fall, which technology will win by size by region, and more.

Keynotes include HDNet's Mark Cuban and ESPN's Bryan Burns. Participating companies include 16x9 Productions, ABC, Brillian, Canon, China DTVIA, Circuit City, Dell, Delta Electronics, DisplaySearch, Discovery HD Theater, DivX Networks, the European Commission, Genesis Microchip, HDTV Magazine, HDVision Studios, Hollywood Digital Imaging, Indiana University, InFocus, Intel, Insight Media, Joe Kane Productions, LG.Philips LCD, Mitsubishi, National Semiconductor, Oplus Technologies, Pacific Growth Equities, PamAmSat, Panasonic, Pixelworks, Premier Retail Network, Roku, Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Sharp, Sharp Labs, Silicon Image, Silicon Optix, Syntax Groups, Texas Instruments, TiVo, Toshiba America, Tweeter, Warner Bros., The WB, Westar Display Technologies, and Zoran.

For a full conference agenda, please visit: www.displaysearch.com/hdtvforum/agenda.html.

The conference will take place at the Westin Century Plaza, which is set in the vibrant heart of West Los Angeles. This award -winning urban resort combines the glamour of Hollywood's Golden Age with contemporary grace and style. Through a special offer with the Westin Century Plaza, all attendees will receive 20% off all spa services during the program dates. Spa Mystique, named "Best Hotel Spa in LA' by Self magazine, is one of the city's largest and most luxurious spas. Reserve your room and spa by calling the hotel directly at 310 -277 -2000.

Corporate Sponsors of the event include:

Gold Sponsors: LG.Philips LCD, Samsung LCD Business, Texas Instruments and Zoran

Silver Sponsors: Delta Electronics, DivX Networks and Syntax Groups

Bronze Sponsors: Brillian, InFocus Corporation, Intel and Pixelworks

AV Sponsor: InFocus

The event is also supported by CustomRetailer, Dealerscope, HDTV Magazine, HighDef Magazine, Home Toys, Residential Systems, USDC, and Widescreen Review.

To sign up as an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor, please contact Kendra Smith at 512 -459 -3126 x107 or by email at kendra@displaysearch.com or register online at www.displaysearch.com/hdtvforum.

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