National Consumer Survey Sheds New Light on Home Theater Trends

Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) announced that although nearly half of consumers are currently enjoying a home theatre experience, most Americans still face a two -fold barrier when it comes to embracing technology in their homes: their comfort level with choices in new technology and a lack of understanding about how to marry their personal style at home with the latest innovations.

In fact, according to a recent national survey by Philips Electronics, more than half of respondents admitted they were uncomfortable with new technology and almost one -fourth admitted to having unopened electronics at home they deemed too complex after purchasing.

Nationally -recognized designer Stephen Saint -Onge is tackling this problem head on and simplifying the integration of technology and décor with the launch of a new website, Known for his role on the popular TLC series, "While You Were Out," Saint -Onge has joined with Philips Electronics to fill the information gap consumers are feeling in the technology and décor space. The site provides before and after photos from various room makeovers, "how to" articles and personal design tips from Saint -Onge.

"Oftentimes, I find that people become overwhelmed at the thought of home renovations - especially something as unique as creating a home theater room," said Saint -Onge who was recently named One of the Top Fifteen Designers in America Under 40 by House Beautiful. "I think it's important to dispel the myths about home design to help consumers understand that they don't have to have a big budget or a dedicated space to bring the magic of Hollywood to their homes."

To demonstrate the integration of home design and technology for everyday people, room makeovers by Saint -Onge will be featured on the website throughout the year. Saint -Onge kicked off the campaign by showcasing a living room optimized for a home entertainment environment and a true home theater room. By highlighting sleek design and easy -to -use, innovative technology, Saint -Onge successfully demonstrates how families can upgrade their homes with their very own home theater space.

To capture the essence of a true home theater experience in his first makeover project, Saint -Onge created an environment where the home theater elements complement the space rather than dominate it. The result was a very clean, unobtrusive look that allows the homeowner to have the best of both worlds - design and technology. What began as an empty loft space ended with a home theater with authentic theater seating, controllable blackout shades, a large screen television and high -powered stereo equipment.

Designing a home theater setup involves an assessment of both budget and lifestyle according to Sainte -Onge. He recommends the following tips for getting started:

1. Equipment. Before purchasing new equipment, assess your family`s viewing habits including types of programs watched and regular viewing patterns. Avid movie goers may desire amplified sound, bigger screen sizes and mood -enhancing lighting, whereas, families that are frequently `on the go` may value a hard disk DVD recorder to capture their favorite events or regular programs using easy programming features.

2. Lighting. From dimmer switches to black -out curtains, there are a variety of ways to control lighting that can make watching television and movies more enjoyable. To determine lighting options suitable for your home, take photos of your home during the day and evening and share them with a lighting designer for input on how to maximize your viewing experience.
3. Add a personal touch. As you think about creating your own home theater, consider highlighting favorite movies, stars and scenes to make the space your own. Decorating your home is a reflection of your personality and the home theater is a great place to showcase your own Hollywood dreams.

Throughout the year, Saint -Onge will conduct room makeovers of various spaces. Photos, tips and industry links to more information will be featured on and consumers can register to receive updates about upcoming events, style ideas and hi -tech home innovations.

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