Centrepoint Technologies launches revolutionary VoIP phone system for small business

Centrepoint Technolgies today announced the release of the revolutionary TalkSwitch 48-CVA, a hybrid product that delivers full PBX functionality, as well as traditional PSTN and VoIP connections to small and multi-branch businesses.


Centrepoint Technologies launches new telephone system with hybrid capability for VoIP and PSTN calling
Revolutionary TalkSwitch 48 -CVA provides branch offices with unique solution at breakthrough prices

OTTAWA, ON - July 14, 2004 - Centrepoint Technologies, designer and manufacturer of innovative telephone systems for small business, today officially released the TalkSwitch 48 -CVA, a revolutionary hybrid telephone system that offers combined access to the traditional, publicly switched telephone network (PSTN) and voice over IP (VoIP).

With the TalkSwitch 48 -CVA, businesses can maintain their connections to the PSTN for local calling and switch to built -in VoIP connections for long distance and inter -branch calling. Multi -location businesses can significantly reduce long distance charges, as well as improve productivity across all locations. The system, designed for businesses with 1 to 32 users per location, includes features such as 3 -digit dialing between branches, seamless call transfer between locations, and easy access to IP network services such as Internet calling. All calls, whether PSTN or VoIP, can be made using any standard analog phone.

"Demand for VoIP has been rising dramatically in the small business market," said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, Centrepoint Technologies. "It's a big market, with over 6 million businesses in North America, but until now there hasn't been a phone system that adequately addressed it. To capture small business, you need prices that even the smallest businesses can afford. You need a system that's easily installed and configured by the users themselves. You need a mix of PSTN and VoIP connections in one system. TalkSwitch 48 -CVA fits those needs."

The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA joins the proven TalkSwitch family of highly professional, feature -rich, telephone systems priced for small business. TalkSwitch systems have been sold to thousands of businesses in North America, and the TalkSwitch 48 -CVA is the first full -featured hybrid PSTN/VoIP system targeted to businesses of this size.

Existing customers, or customers who opt to purchase a system without VoIP, can upgrade any time. As with all TalkSwitch phone systems, the customer -installable 48 -CVA is an all -in -one system that comes with auto attendants, voicemail, call management and a host of other features.
The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA also includes Centrepoint's innovative remote extension capabilities. Combined with its VoIP/PSTN access, the system allows cell phone users to make VoIP calls, saving on long distance charges.

Each TalkSwitch 48 -CVA unit accommodates up to four CO lines and four VoIP trunks, eight local extensions and eight remote extensions. Up to four units can be networked to make a system with 16 CO lines, 16 VoIP trunks, 32 local extensions and 32 remote extensions per location. The system includes free software updates. The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA is compliant with SIP standards. SIP is the standard that ensures ongoing interoperability with other VoIP products and services.

Responding to the increase in broadband penetration and VoIP demand, the SIP -based TalkSwitch 48 -CVA will supply Centrepoint's channels with a new tool to appeal to the hard -to -reach small business market.

"Service providers and resellers need a single system, with both PSTN and VoIP connections, that allows them to capture the small office, branch and home -based business markets," said Scheeren. "The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA gives them that system. It is a fresh solution tailored to the unique needs of the small business, and allows them to approach their customers in creative and flexible ways."

Pricing and Availability
The TalkSwitch 48 -CVA sells for $1795 US, and is available from Centrepoint Authorized Resellers, or online at www.talkswitch.com . TalkSwitch systems without VoIP start as low as $695.

Product Photo
A high -resolution product photo is available at www.talkswitch.com/press/mediakits_photos.html

About Centrepoint
Centrepoint Technologies has set the standard for innovative telephone systems that provide small business, branch, and home office users with affordable, yet powerful communications solutions. Founded in 1990, Centrepoint designs and markets the award -winning TalkSwitch phone system, used by thousands of customers. For more information call (888) 332 -9322 or visit the Centrepoint website at www.talkswitch.com .

For more information, please contact:
Chris Brennan
Public Relations Manager,
Centrepoint Technologies
613.725.2980 x 136
888.332.9322 x 136

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