IP Everywhere(tm) have patent applied technology whereby broadband internet will be available on moving vehicles. This technology promises to change the face of advertising on vehicles and how commuters travel to and from work

San Francisco, CA - IP Everywhere(tm) have patent applied technology whereby broadband internet will be available on moving vehicles such as trains, trams, trolleys, metros, subways, undergrounds, trams and monorails. The technology feeds the internet to the vehicle using the electrical power lines that power the vehicle.

This next generation of Broadband over Power Line (BPL) technology (also known as Power Line Communications or PLC) `Will change the way the traveler uses their time on any moving vehicle` says founder and CEO, Tony Whelan. With satellite being slow and relatively expensive, this generation of BPL promises to bring a breath of fresh air to the public transport industry and create brand new revenue streams for ailing sectors needing a boost. Speeds of up to 4.5 Mb are in the line of sight but the company is reserving comment until all the trials are complete.

The company is at the Proof of Concept stage and is looking for partners to pilot this brand new technology. They are currently talking to giants in the BPL arena such as Ameren, Current Technologies and Cinergy and also partners like San Francisco`s own BART along with PG&E.

IP Everywhere(tm) is also in negotiations with utilities and companies in South America, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom regarding its technologies.

Broadband internet to vehicles is only one of the irons in their fire. There are new exciting concepts that IP Everywhere(tm) has underway and under patent application.`We are going to literally change the face of advertising on a moving vehicle and bring advertising revenues and technology into the 21st century` says Whelan.

Broadband over Power Line (BPL) or Power Line Communications (PLC) as it is also known has been around for well over a decade. Only now has this medium been transformed into a third delivery mechanism for internet into homes. Two live installations in Manassas, Virginia and Cincinnati, Ohio have recently been announced in collaboration with the City of Manassas, & Prospectstreet Broadband for Manassas and Cinergy along with Current Technologies for Cincinnati. There are over 20,000 users worldwide on trials for BPL technology and the speeds along with reliability are growing exponentially due to the advances being made at light speed with this infant technology. The FCC in the USA are keen to regulate the frequencies used in both long distance (Access BPL) and household (In -House BPL). There are heavy trials underway by the BPL industry regarding any interference issues that have been cited by Radio Ham operators and the ARRL as the consensus of the BPL industry is to coexist as much as possible.

IP Everywhere(tm) takes this technology to the next level by delivering a low loss, reliable internet stream right into the commuting vehicles across the world. The poor speeds, lack of reliability, loss of signal through tunnels will be a thing of the past. Due to the ubiquitous nature of electricity cabling and rails for trains, subways and trams, the infrastructure needed to build this is minimal and cost effective as the revenue turnaround is almost immediate.

'Central London's population grows by 1.1 million people on a typical weekday between 7 and 10am' quotes Whelan. 'Most of those people are commuters and most of them will probably have laptops. Imagine if they could reliably check their work email and surf the web on the tube, to and from work instead of wasting the time just sitting for an hour every morning and every evening.

There are a whole host of features yet to be revealed that we have to enhance the travel experience and traveler safety in the future' Whelan explains

Long and short distance travel by rail is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

For more information and an investor prospectus contact info@ip

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