Compex releases sleekly styled enterprise -class 802.11g access point, WPE54G -ENT

Compex‪s WPE54G-ENT includes tight security features to maintain the utmost network security at the enterprise level.

Compex, a standards driven, quality focused influencer in the networking and connectivity industry, introduced its newest IEEE 802.11g Wireless LAN access point, the WPE54G -ENT. Configured for the enterprise level, Compex‪s WPE54G -ENT features include important mature technology advancements and original Compex innovations. Designed with a small, sleek form factor, WPE54G -ENT is loaded with features surprising for its size. Impressively, Compex‪s WPE54G -ENT is capable of functioning in five different modes making its most important feature, versatility.

Compex‪s WPE54G -ENT is bolstered with enterprise -class features WPA, 802.1x Authentication and SNMP. With the availability of WPA -EAP and 802.1x Authentication on WPE54G -ENT, corporate customers can now deploy their wireless LAN infrastructure using this access point and not worry about unauthorized access to their networks or data exposure in wireless channels. Useful in the corporate environment, SNMP can be implemented to easily monitor network resources for any given corporate network.

A perfect feature for system integrators, the SMA connector allows for the use of any external antenna, which supports SMA. With the SMA connection, WPE54G -ENT fits perfectly into any projects that would require a wireless AP, whether it be a WISP provider or Hospitality installer. System integrators can deploy the WPE54G -ENT with a directional antenna to focus signal strength or with an omni -directional antenna for wider area coverage. Solution providers will also find the SMA connection useful and versatile when customizing projects for individual customer needs. Especially useful for metropolitan or hospitality deployment, WPE54G -ENT can be used with Compex‪s Power Over Ethernet, POE -100 -3.3 kit. POE -100 -3.3 plugs into WPE54G -ENT‪s power jack to supply necessary power via Ethernet cable when regular power plugs are too bulky or unavailable.

The WPE54G -ENT also includes a Compex unique security feature. Wireless LAN users are often unaware that when associated with an access point, they all belong to the same network. This means that, potentially, the contents of a shared drive of one user can be viewed by other users. This is damaging to sensitive corporate information. The WPE54G -ENT prevents this from happening using Compex‪s exclusive wireless Pseudo VLAN technology by placing individual users into their own virtual LAN. Developed specifically for this application, professionals can wirelessly or remotely access permitted company files without compromising privacy.

Compex‪s WPE54G -ENT is the most versatile access point on the market. On top of WPE54G -ENT‪s ability to perform in five different modes, a few of which include Access Point Bridging, Gateway, Wireless Bridge Link and Wireless Ethernet Adapter. While using WPE54G -ENT as a Wireless Ethernet Adapter, any computer can be "unwired" simply by connecting the WPE54G -ENT to the standard 10/100 Ethernet port without the hassle of installing drivers. This eliminates the worry of incompatibilities between different platforms, such as the Unix or Macintosh operating systems.

Another key benefit to implementing WPE54G -ENT is the access point allows the expansion of a wireless network using Wireless Distribution System (WDS). Traditionally, to achieve larger wireless coverage, users would need to lay cables to connect several access points. With WDS, users can create a remote wireless cell without having to pull a wire to the location of the access point. Hence WPE54G -ENT can be used in large open areas where cabling is impossible or not cost -effective.

The Compex WPE54G -ENT access point uses Intersil‪s chipset equipped with Prism Nitro technology, which gives up to eight times the standard wireless B network throughput in a pure wireless G network and is able to achieve up to 300 percent higher throughput in a mixed wireless B/G environment, compared to other performance boosting technologies. This makes it an ideal access point for public access networks, such as hotspots, where wireless users may be using a wireless B or wireless G network adapter.

It should also be noted that WPE54G -ENT includes HTTP Web -Browser and Telnet Command Console.

The Compex WPE54G -ENT Wireless Access Point is available through a large network of distributors, resellers, and retailers. The WPE54G -ENT can be purchased online through the Compex store at or e -commerce sites such as The Compex WPE54G -ENT, at an ESP of $129.99, comes with a three -year warranty and free software and firmware upgrades. A small office/home office (SOHO) version is also available at an affordable cost to those who require less security configuration.

COMPEX is a market -driven leader in the networking and wireless connectivity industry. Compex designs, develops, and manufacturers integrative end -user and enterprise level products to fulfill broadband, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and IRDA solution needs. Compex seeks to address and fulfill market demands with relevant and innovative solutions. Compex products are available through a large network of distributors, resellers, on/off line retailers, and catalogs. Further information on Compex products can be found at

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