Las Vegas Homeowners Build An Intelligent Home

What happens when a family decides to add technology to their new home? It`s a learning experience for them and their builder.

LAS VEGAS, NV - We've all heard the catch -phrases: "home of the future", "Jetsons' home", "smart house". But most homeowners still see these as pie -in -the -sky ideas, not applicable to their own homes. But one family in Las Vegas has decided to use their home too demonstrate that these ideas are not only realistic, but affordable.

asiHome, an innovative retailer of home automation, home security, and home technology products has been following the progress of this family's home, with periodic updates on asiHome's website,

"This home will be a great example of what can be done without tearing a hole in your wallet" says asiHome's VP of Sales & Marketing, Leo Soderman. "We're not talking about a custom home - This home is a tract -built home, in the median price range for the market. This means that it's an average home, not a millionaire's estate. That's why we want to cover every aspect of the technology installation."

Affordability is another reason why asiHome wanted to cover the construction and outfitting of this home. According to Soderman, "The total cost of all the equipment should end up about 10% of the home's purchase price. In the long run, this amount virtually disappears into the mortgage."

Another important aspect of this project is that the total cost will deliver a tricked -out home. Homeowners can install most of these technology products a little at a time or all at once, to fitr their budgets and desires.
Some of the technologies that will be installed include video surveillance, whole house audio and video, security, heating and cooling control and home networking. But the key element is interoperability. Systems will be interconnected, allowing sophisticated control. For example, arming the security system will change the thermostats in the home to a different setting, saving energy. When the system is disarmed, temperatures are restored.

Each update on the Project House is posted online, and can be found at


Originally Advanced Services Inc., asiHome is an online retailer of home automation, home theater, home security and home technology products. With shipping locations in Pennsylvania and Nevada, asiHome provides quick and accurate delivery of orders within the United States and Canada. Their website is, and orders can be placed toll free at 800 -263 -8608.

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