DisplaySearch & Insight Media will bring together the entire TV food chain at HDTV Forum 2004, including TV & cable networks, govt agencies, satellite & cable providers, retailers, distributors, TV brands, OEMs, panel/tube suppliers & IC makers.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, July 6, 2004 - DisplaySearch -the worldwide leader in flat panel display (FPD) market research and consulting -and Insight Media -the leading source for information on the microdisplay industry, are bringing together the entire TV food chain at its upcoming three -day conference, HDTV Forum 2004, including representatives from TV and cable networks, government agencies, satellite and cable providers, retailers, distributors, TV brands, TV OEMs, panel/tube/engine manufacturers and IC manufacturers. By bringing together the entire TV food chain, this event represents a convenient and affordable way for customers and suppliers to meet, as well as a chance for suppliers to meet their customers' customers and vice versa. In addition, this forum will create broad awareness regarding critical trends in the industry, such as the migration to HDTV worldwide, roadblocks to rapidly expanding HDTV programming, customer awareness of HDTV, retail vs. direct, IT vs. CE, how TV brands position their different TV technologies, how fast flat panel and microdisplay rear projection prices will fall, which technology will win by size by region, and more.

The much -anticipated event, boasting 17 sessions and over 70 speakers, will take place on August 24 -26 at the Westin Century Plaza in Los Angeles The latest agenda can be found below:

DAY 1 - Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Session 1 - Global HDTV Policy - Kicking off the first day, this session will outline the status of DTV and HDTV policies worldwide with particular attention paid to North America, Europe, Japan and China.
· Jeffrey A. Hart, Professor, Indiana University and author of Technology, Television and Competition: the Politics of Digital TV
· Adam Watson Brown, Head of Sector, Media, DG Information Society, the European Commission
· TBA, two remaining speakers to be announced shortly

Session 2 - Expanding HDTV Programming - Bryan Burns of ESPN will keynote this session, which will address the issues each network/studio has dealt with during the transition and commitment to HD, including piracy and intellectual property issues, commercial advertising changes and the business case for moving into HD. Panelists will also discuss their companies' plans in HD programming, the current audience reception, and how each company's role will impact the overall HD and television industry landscape.
· Keynote - Bryan Burns, Vice President, Strategic Business Planning & Development, ESPN HD
· Clint Stinchcomb, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Discovery HD Theater & VOD
· Karl Meisenbach, Director of Advertising, HDNet
· Darcy Antonellis, Senior Vice President, Warner Bros.
· Hal Protter, Senior Vice President, Distribution Development, The WB Television Network

Session 3 - Challenges in HD Content Creation - This session will address the unique challenges inherent in filming and production in HD. Panelists, all leaders in their field, will discuss the changes occurring in the overall workflow of film production, how the advances in digital camera technology have affected cinematography, how the Hollywood entertainment industry views the rapid move to HD, and what the unique benefits are to moving towards HD and digital film production.
· Moderator - Derek Grover, Cinematographer, Production Engineer & Founder, Hollywood Digital Imaging (HDI)
· Kristen Cox, President & CEO, 16x9 Productions
· Larry Thorpe, National Marketing Executive, Broadcast & Communications Division, Canon
· Randall Dark, President, HD Vision Studios
· Joe Kane, CEO and Video Director, Joe Kane Productions

Session 4 - HDTV in Retail: Lessons from the Channel - This session will reveal lessons from retailers regarding the sale of HDTVs. It will also address current and future trends in selling HDTV including the impact of the direct channel and the entry of IT suppliers. .
· Andrew Shulklapper, Vice President of TV Market Research, DisplaySearch
· Pamposh Zutshi, Director of Marketing, Dell
· TBA, two representatives from retail outlets to be announced shortly

Session 5 - HDTV Delivery: Cable, Satellite or Terrestrial - This session will cover different delivery methods for high definition and the issues and benefits of each.
· TBA, VOOM/Rainbow DNS
· TBA, remaining speakers to be announced shortly.

DAY 2 - Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Session 6 - Keynote - An exciting announcement will come shortly with details regarding the Day 2 Keynote.

Session 7 - TV Manufacturers' HDTV Market Outlook: Drivers, Product Positioning and Technology Positioning - TV brands will discuss how HDTV is impacting their sales and marketing strategies, how they are positioning different TV technologies to benefit from the HD transition, and which technologies are poised for success..
· Gary Lafferty, COO, Akai
· TBA, Sony Electronics
· TBA, two remaining speakers to be announced shortly

Session 8 - Rear Projection HDTV: LCD, DLP, LCOS or CRT? - The transition from CRT -based RPTVs to microdisplay -based RPTV is in full swing, but is there room for all three new technologies? The speakers will give their views on this technology competition and positioning vs. alternative big -screen displays.
· Moderator, Q&A, Chris Chinnock, President, Insight Media
· Frank DeMartin, Vice President, Marketing, Audio/Video Products Division, Mitsubishi
· Vincent Sollitto, President & CEO, Brillian
· TBA, two remaining speakers to be announced shortly

Session 9 - Plasma TVs: Can They Meet the Challenge? - Can plasma TVs meet the challenge from LCDs and RPTVs? How far will prices fall and what is the outlook? Key plasma players will discuss their strategies to meet the challenge from RPTVs and LCD TVs and DisplaySearch will present its latest PDP market outlook.
· Ross Young, President & CEO, DisplaySearch
· Chris Kim, Vice President, PDP Sales & Marketing, Samsung SDI
· TBA, two remaining speakers to be announced shortly

Session 10 - LCD TVs: Will They Take Over? - With LCD suppliers investing over $20 billion in new capacity in 2004 and 2005 and most of it targeting the TV market, will they repeat their success in desktop monitors and become the dominant TV technology? How far do prices need to fall and what type of decline can be expected in the next few years? What are the strengths and weaknesses of LCDs for TVs? Speakers include the dominant LCD TV brand (Sharp), the two largest LCD suppliers, and DisplaySearch.
· Ross Young, President & CEO, DisplaySearch
· Joe Virginia, Vice President of Marketing, AMLCDs, Samsung Electronics
· TBA, LG.Philips LCD
· Bruce Tripido, Product Marketing Director, Sharp

DAY 3 - Thursday, August 26, 2004


Session 11 - Front Projection TVs: Niche or Mainstream? - Front projectors for consumer HDTV viewing have not received the kind of attention that alternatives have, yet they can offer the best screen size/cost ratio. If manufacturers and retailers can figure out how to package, market, sell and service these systems, multiple millions of systems could be sold soon. This session will explore plans to make this a reality.
· Moderator, Q&A - Chris Chinnock, President, Insight Media
· Scott Hix, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Americas Business Unit, InFocus Corporation
· Steve Medina, Manager, Product Planning and Development, Mitsubishi
· Bob Hana, President, Runco International
· TBA, remaining speaker to be announced shortly

Session 12 - Projection Supply Chain: Can It Keep Up? - The rapid adoption of microdisplay -based RPTVs has put strains on the supply chain for all projection products. Will these problems limit growth or are plans in place to deal with this problem? Panelists will details various aspects of the status of this key part of the support structure for the big -screen display market.
· Chris Chinnock, President, Insight Media
· TBA, Texas Instruments
· TBA, two remaining speakers to be announced shortly

Session 13 - Will the CRT Survive in the HDTV Era? As other TV technologies begin to compete for space in the TV market, what happens to the dominant technology - the CRTs? Can it maintain its position as HDTV becomes widespread and flat panel prices fall? Will emerging markets drive it to continued growth, or will it decline? This session will address these and other questions.
· Andrew Shulklapper, Vice President of TV Market Research, DisplaySearch
· TBA, remaining speakers to be announced shortly

Session 14 - Quantifying and Comparing TV Performance - This session will present front of screen performance comparisons of different TV technologies revealing benefits and weaknesses of each type.
· Dr. Norman Bardsley, Director of Display Technology, DisplaySearch
· TBA, 3 other speakers to be announced shortly.


Session 15 - Display Electronics: Taking Advantage of a Huge Market Opportunity - As DTV and HDTV gains acceptance, display electronics manufacturers have a huge market opportunity, given the amount of digital processing found in these TVs. How many players can enjoy these benefits? Will it be commoditized as in LCD monitors? Will there be a single chip solution and when? What additional features are likely to be integrated?
· Speaker and Moderator - Nikhil Balram, CTO, National Semiconductor
· Robert Haefling, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Genesis Microchip
· Gil Aharoni, Product Manager, DTV Line, Oplus Technologies
· Brian Alger, Senior Equity Analyst, Multimedia Technologies, Pacific Growth Equities
· John Lemoncheck, Vice President of Consumer Electronics Products, Silicon Image
· TBA, Pixelworks
· TBA, Silicon Optix
· TBA, Zoran

Session 16 - Impact of HDTV on Recordable Media - This session will explore the impact HDTV will have on recordable media such as DVDs and DVRs and the impact these devices will have on the HDTV transition. What are the strengths and weaknesses of each and which high definition DVD standard will win? Will it drive the HDTV market to 1080p? What will be the impact of 1080p on DVRs and will there be a significant premium?
· Moderator - John DiLoreto, Analyst, Insight Media
· TBA, Sony Electronics
· Jim Denney, Director Product Marketing, TiVo
· TBA, remaining speakers to be announced

Session 17 - Wireless TVs, Media Centers and the Networked Home ? As digital content delivery and playback devices proliferate within the home, the desire for ubiquitous content availability will drive a variety of solutions for full home distribution ranging from wired and wireless networks to the media servers and content protection systems designed. In this session we will explore the various systems targeted to meet this market and explore the opportunities and challenges that the entrants will face
· Andrew Shulklapper, Vice President of TV Market Research, DisplaySearch
· Anthony Wood, CEO, Roku
· TBA, remaining speakers to be announced

Corporate sponsors of the event include LG.Philips LCD, Samsung LCD Business, Texas Instruments, Zoran, InFocus and Brillian. The event is also supported by CustomRetailer, Dealerscope, HDTV Magazine, HighDef Magazine, Home Toys, Residential Systems, USDC and Widescreen Review.

For a full conference agenda, please visit: www.DisplaySearch.com/hdtvforum.

Reserve Your Room By July 15 and Enter a Chance to Win 3 Nights in the `Western White House.` Attendees who register for this event AND reserve their room at the Westin Century Plaza will be entered into a raffle to win three nights (Mon/Tues/Wed) in the St. Regis Presidential Suite, located right next door to the Century Plaza, a $20,000 value. Hurry to register online for only $1,395 at www.DisplaySearch.com/hdtvforum and make your reservations directly with the Westin Century Plaza by calling 310 -277 -2000. After July 15th, the conference registration increases to $1,495.

To sign up as an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor, please visit www.DisplaySearch.com/hdtvforum or contact Kendra Smith at 512 -459 -3126 x107 or kendra@displaysearch.com for more information.

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