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muvee's revolutionary technology lets video cell phone users automatically & instantly transform video clips shot on their cell phones into styled productions that can be shared as a multimedia message

SINGAPORE, June 25, 2004 - muvee Technologies, the pioneer in automatic video production, today announced that it has officially launched its new muveeStyles for video cell phones at For the very first time, muvee's patented technology lets users get creative with the video clips they shoot on their video cell phones, by allowing them to transform these clips quickly and easily into fun "muvee" video messages right on the phone itself.

muveeStyles are themed templates for creating video messages on a cell phone, and each unique style contains its own effects, transitions, graphics, music and editable text messages that are applied to the video in seconds to give a finished, stylized "muvee". Multiple video clips can also be combined into a single montage. muvees can be saved as video files in standard 3gpp format ready for viewing on the cell phone itself, or for sending to other video -enabled mobile devices as a multimedia message.

Dr. Pete Kellock, founder and CEO of muvee Technologies said, "The launch of our new muveeStyles for the cell phone is a technological first, and another significant breakthrough for us after our pioneering success with automatic video production for the PC platform. We're now making instant personal video available to an even greater audience by putting our technology on the increasingly ubiquitous cell phone, which people are already using everywhere to capture and share pictures and video. We're enabling users to spice up their raw video by turning them into stylish, compelling video messages that are automatically cut to music. Within seconds, the user has a cool, finished muvee which they`ll enjoy sending to friends, and which the recipients will truly enjoy watching. It's incredibly fast, easy and loads of fun. We're very excited about the potential of this development, which is opening up a whole new means of expression for cameraphone users."

In a recent report, market analysts ARC Group predicted that users of mobile video services would grow from 5.1 million in 2003 to around 205 million worldwide by 2008. The Group also predicted that revenue from overall mobile video services would grow from an estimated US$189.9 million in 2003 to around US$5.5 billion by 2008, with almost a third coming from video[1]. In -Stat/MDR has also reported that by 2009, 22.3 million Americans will be viewers of mobile video content,
and 31.1 million will use video messaging services. In -Stat/MDR expects mobile video services
to generate $5.4 billion in annual revenues by 2009[2].

Dr. Kellock added, "We've got hundreds of muveeStyles in the pipeline, which we're creating for birthdays, romance, parties, vacations and much more. Imagine being able to convey the mood of your vacation simply by using a style such as Jet Set to transform the video you just shot with your video cell phone into a finished muvee and send it to friends via MMS… right from your beachfront deck chair. It's a whole new way of messaging."

muveeStyles are currently compatible with the Nokia 7610 phone, and available styles include Call Me, Marrakech, Virtual Me, Party On and Ibiza. These and other styles can be previewed and downloaded from, and each style costs US$3.00.

About muvee Technologies

Founded in 2001, muvee Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore with a subsidiary, muvee Technologies, Inc. in New York. The company's award -winning product for the PC, muvee autoProducer, is designed to let even the most novice user easily and automatically transform home videos - or any other video source - into slick, professional -looking multimedia productions. Users simply put in their video clips and/or photos, add in their favorite music, pick one of the many available production styles, and muvee autoProducer does the rest. In minutes, the software automatically selects the best scenes from the video footage, and cuts these highlights to the chosen music with effects and transitions synchronized to the beat. To date, muvee autoProducer has sold into over 77 countries worldwide, and is currently bundled globally with major original equipment manufacturers including Hewlett -Packard, ATI and Sony. muvee autoProducer is also available in retail stores across Europe, Japan and soon in the USA.

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Notes to Editors:

muvee (pronounced "mew -vee") n., always lowercase

1. A slick video production created in minutes using intelligent, automatic editing technology.

2. An abbreviation for muvee Technologies, the creators of muvee autoProducer software.

"muvee" is a registered trademark of muvee Technologies Pte Ltd. For more information, please visit

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[1] "Getting The Video Message" by Peter Dykes, CeBIT News, 20/21 March 2004, p. 28.

[2] "Study: Mobile customers want video streaming" by Dinesh Sharma, CNET, May 24, 2004 (

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