High -tech forum for ensuring future growth

Interdisciplinary exhibition and congress programme on all aspects of the "Intelligent House" / New opportunities for industry, trade and service providers

Specialist dealers, equipment manufacturers, software specialists, systems integrators, suppliers of services, architects, building developers and owners, master craftsmen and technical journalists - in short: specialists and service providers representing every trade and every sector, who recognise the opportunities for the future that are offered by the commercial development of the "intelligent house", should make a note of the dates 1 to 3 September. This is when the third e/home takes place on the Berlin Exhibition Grounds. This is the only international trade fair and congress in this field, bringing together pioneers and experts from this young and vigorously expanding market with manufacturers and suppliers from all the relevant branches of industry.

The interdisciplinary e/home programme offers trade visitors a unique and comprehensive range of information and opportunities to acquire new skills, as well as discussions and meetings, providing tangible benefits and genuine competitive advantages:

• industrial and business development specialists, marketing and sales experts from the industry can obtain the latest details first hand, meet new customers and business associates, and strengthen their position on the smart home market.

• Software specialists can extend their business portfolios with integrative solutions for home networks.

• Architects can find out about simplified controls, security and the cost savings of the networked house, thus enabling them to attract new customers by offering new consultancy services.

• Business in the skilled trades sector can acquire the expertise needed in order to carry out installation work in networked houses - a gap in today's market that can provide a sound basis for your business in the future.

• New investment ideas can be used by building societies to obtain lasting competitive advantages.

• Specialist dealers can prepare for future expansion on a market where consultation and services are of prime importance.

A powerful impetus is currently being given to the development of the "Intelligent House" as a result of the rapidly growing trend towards more networked products in the field of consumer electronics. The trade association Gesellschaft fr Unterhaltungs - und Kommunikationselektronik mbh (gfu), in association with the Consumer Electronics Division of the industry organisation Zentralverband Elektrotechnik - und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI), regularly holds a forum on "Innovative Consumer Electronics", in the alternate years to the consumer electronics show, the Funkausstellung, which takes place every two years, and this forum is now being incorporated in e/home. It will be accompanied by an exhibition documenting state of the art entertainment systems throughout the home.

The items on display at e/home and "Innovative Consumer Electronics" cover six areas, all of which offer exciting prospects for the future:

• Consumer electronics: Unlimited entertainment
Broadband internet provides access to audio and video signals in the living room, wireless home networks distribute pictures and sound throughout the house

• Communication technology: At home everywhere
Data can be captured when on the move and subsequently processed at home, services can be accessed or offered over the internet - all made possible by the latest communication technology

• Domestic appliances: Simplified controls in the modern home
The washing machine programmes itself, the dish -washer can be monitored using remote diagnostics: the latest appliances save time and operate more reliably

• Home automation: Save money, in comfort
Heating and lighting can be regulated together, lights switch off automatically - the networked home provides many possibilities for conserving resources

• Security systems: Reassurance at home and when travelling
Video remote monitoring and networked alarm systems help to minimise risks

• Telematics: Well -cared for and informed
Telemedicine and telecare enable older people to remain independent for longer and in familiar surroundings

Messe Berlin is the main organiser of e/home 2004. The co -organiser is Gesellschaft fr Unterhaltungs - und Kommunikationselektronik mbH (gfu), which is also responsible for organising the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA). The retail industry's technical organisation Bundesverband Technik des Einzelhandels (BVT) and the electrical/electronic industry association Zentralverband Elektrotechnik - und Elektronikindustrie (ZVEI) are also co -organisers of this event.

Featured Product

GreenPeak’s GP565 – ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

GreenPeak's GP565 - ZigBee for smart Remote Controls

The GP565 Smart Home RF chip for remote controls supports voice control, motion sensing and the new ZRC 2.0 protocol. The GP565 is optimized for advanced & low cost ZigBee RF4CE remote controls. • 120k or 248k Flash (8k or 16k RAM) memory • 40-pin footprint to support a keyboard scanner interface or other IO interfaces required for remote controls. • Reduced current consumption and improved receiver sensitivity and output power • Patented Antenna Diversity technology enables superior range and WiFi/Bluetooth interference rejection