Parks Associates Report Points To Relevance Of Home Media Networks` ShowShifter

Home Media Networks Ltd, developer of network -capable home entertainment software, today announces that an independent Parks Associates study has found that by 2008, 40% of home computers shipped will be 'Media -PC' platforms. These include specialised software and hardware interfaces, such as ShowShifter, providing a host of multimedia applications, such as TV, video and music to the home.

This new report, entitled 'The PC as a Multimedia Platform' indicates that net additions of media -PC hardware units and software packages will reach seven million U.S. households in five years.

"The trend towards the integration of multimedia applications with home computers is obviously global in nature. I would expect that a similar ratio can be applied in the UK and Europe as well," explains Parks Associates Vice President and Principal Analyst, Kurt Scherf. "Products as popular as ShowShifter are well placed to tap into this market, forming the basis of the Media PCs of the future."

The report addresses the prospects for PC -based entertainment by examining hardware and software solutions designed to enhance the multimedia experience. It also includes consumer analysis, providing primary research on how end users interact with their home computers now for entertainment purposes and how they view emerging PC -based "entertainment -centric" solutions.

"It is very encouraging to read research such as this that proves that the home of the future's entertainment needs will be based around the PC," said Home Media Networks' CEO, John Croft. "The demand for our media center software - ShowShifter - has been incredible, with currently 1,000 consumers a day downloading it."

ShowShifter allows users to watch, record and time -shift (pause) TV, play DVDs, CDs and MP3 music files all through one interface. The ability to control ShowShifter with a remote control and its unique Farview interface enables the consumer to use the product from anywhere in the room with a simple, unified interface for all home entertainment components (DVR, DVD, CD, etc. players), as with conventional home entertainment products.

For more information on this or other Parks Associates' research, please contact Parks Associates at sales@parksassociates.com. For more information about the home networking market, download the white paper The Home Network Market: Data and Multimedia Connectivity at www.parksassociates.com.

About Home Media Networks Ltd
Home Media Networks Ltd is a company focused on the fast growing digital entertainment sector, producing software that runs on standard PC platforms to allow the user to watch, record and pause TV, play DVDs, and listen to MP3 music files. Its solution, ShowShifter, allows the user to pause a TV show to be replayed later and can be controlled remotely using a standard infrared remote control. Through unique FarView technology interaction works equally well close up or at a distance from the screen. Showshifter is a replacement for TV, VCR, DVD and CD players in a traditional household, thus introducing numerous cost savings for the consumer. Home Media Networks Ltd is headquartered in Edinburgh, UK. ShowShifter can be downloaded from www.showshifter.com.

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