Xmultiple Announces FocalPoint Snap -On's For USB Cables - Snap Down USB Cables in any Direction

XMULTIPLE Technologies Enhances USB Connections with FocalPoint Snap-On USB. Just Snap-On our FocalPoint Snap-On USB to your cable and position the cable in the direction you want away from a crowded work area

Los Angeles, CA, May 14, 2004 - XMULTIPLE announces the release of patent pending FocalPoint Snap -On's. Sometimes the smaller and simpler ideas make the biggest impact on the cabling industry. This is one of those ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words also applies here. Two pieces of plastic snap around a cable and provide a feature every cable user wants.

FocalPoint Snap -On's give users the capability to plug in the cable and immediately rotate, bend, and snap the cable into the position the user wants the cable to be directed. FocalPoint Snap -On's let the user move cables away from a crowded work area. Now users can direct their USB cables where they want them positioned. Why let your desk be cluttered and space taken up by cables protruding from your laptop, desktop, peripherals or networking products. Snap on your FocalPoint Snap -On to your cable and bend your cable and snap it into the direction you want.

The advantages of FocalPoint Snap -On USB goes way beyond the main benefits of being able to immediately position cables after you plug them in to devices. FocalPoint SnapOn's releases tension from the connectors in those devices caused by the weight of the cable. This new patent -pending technology allows USB cables to be used in difficult to reach and confined areas. The FocalPoint Snap -On's require less than half the bend radius area of cables without cables using our SnapOn's. In other words, the cables can be bent immediately after being attached and let the cable go in a direction parallel to the equipment. Positioning cables has never been easier. Without FocalPoint Snap -On's, cables require longer radius turns to be directed where a user wants them to go.

Once you snap the FocalPoint adapter on to the cable you can easily remove them if you want to place them somewhere else on the cable. You do not have to remove the adapter if you just want to move it to a different spot on the cable. The FocalPoint Snap -On USB's slide on the cable as well as rotate on the cable. Snap -On's work with USB cables of different sizes, simply use the smaller or larger slot cutout depending on the size USB cable you are using.

And there are more advantages to improve your cable management. FocalPoint Snap -On USB can optionally be attached to one another. By attaching them in parallel you now have a better cable management system to group cables neatly together. As the cable winds through your home or office building you can use FocalPoint SnapOn USB at different points along the way to keep them neatly together and going in the direction you want them to go.

With all the devices connecting with USB connections it is convenient to have the cables directed from point to point. Place a FocalPoint Snap -On on the USB Type B side as well as the Type A side which attaches to all laptops and computers. Peripherals have the Type B USB connectors and FocalPoint Snap -On USB work the same at each end of the cable.

"FocalPoint Snap -On USB improves cable management for home users and business users," says Drew Stoiberg, Xmultiple's Vice President. FocalPoint Snap -On USB keep cables neatly grouped when you attached them together. You can place our Snap -On USB at various points form one end of a cable to the other. Second, our Snap -On's reduce the amount of tension on the connector on both the computer side and the peripheral side of the connection. All devices with USB connectors which use FocalPoint Snap -On USB keeps the stress away form the connector built into these products. FocalPoint Snap -On USB is ideal for use in attaching products such as printers, scanners, cameras, network hubs, USB hubs, cable modems, and all other USB peripherals. The pricing of a FocalPoint Snap -On adapter is $1.99 each. There are seven colors available, so you can use FocalPoint Snap -On USB to color code all your cable connections. "
Our goal is to make FocalPoint Snap -On USB available in retailers worldwide. These FocalPoint Snap -On USB retailers will also offer FocalPoint products online from their websites as well. Xmultiple is will work closely with cable companies and suppliers to market and sale worldwide.

Xmultiple manufactures and markets innovative and affordable interconnection products which make connections easier. FocalPoint Snap -On -USB is a better USB cable solution and improves attaching USB peripheral device connections on notebooks, Tablet PCs, desktops and any other device with a USB connection. FocalPoint Snap -On -USB is a patent pending product.
Additional information on FocalPoint Snap -On USB is available at www.Xmultiple.com.

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