DMR-E95H Features 160GB Hard Drive, TV Guide On-Screen(r) EPG, DV Input, SD and PCMCIA Slots

NEW YORK, NY (May 27, 2004) - - Panasonic today announced its most feature -rich DIGA(tm) DVD recorder yet: the DMR -E95H. This new addition to the 2004 DIGA line features a 160GB hard drive capable of up to 284 hours* of recording time and the ability to record onto DVD -RAM and DVD -R discs, as well.

The DMR -E95H features the TV Guide On Screen(r) Electronic Program Guide. This lets users select programs to record with easy -to -understand on -screen guides and prompts up to 8 days without any subscription fee or telephone line connection. The TV Guide On -Screen Electronic Program Guide is new this year to Panasonic's line of DIGA DVD Recorders, and can also be found on the DMR -E85H and the DMR -E65S.

The DMR -E95H also features a new Direct Navigator, an on -screen guide that presents content stored on a disc in easy -to -review thumbnails. Pressing the Direct Navigator button will bring up the thumbnails of all the programs on a disc for easy play selection.

The DMR -E95H also carries over some of the best PVR features of the DIGA line. Time Slip, Chasing Playback and Simultaneous Record & Play are features available when using either the DMR -E95H's 160GB hard disk drive or a DVD -RAM disc.

The 160GB hard drive is the largest yet in a Panasonic DVD recorder, providing up to 36 hours of recording time in "XP," the highest quality recording mode, or up to 284 hours in "EP," or extra -long recording mode. This flexibility makes saving favorite TV programs easy for users. Also, a 4.7GB DVD -RAM or DVD -R disc can hold up to 1 hour in XP mode or 8 hours in EP, and a 9.4GB double -sided DVD -RAM disc can hold up to 2 hours in XP and up to 16 hours in EP mode. All DIGA DVD recorders support recordable DVD -RAM and DVD -R(1), and will also play back DVD -Video, music CDs, video CDs and CD -R/CD -RW(2), and MP3 formatted discs. The DMR -E95H also will play back DVD -Audio discs in 2 -channels.

"Panasonic was the first company to manufacture and bring to market a set -top DVD recorder and we are constantly striving to improve the quality and ease of use of our product," said Alberto Reggiani, Panasonic's national marketing manager for DVD. "By incorporating such progressive features as the TV Guide On -Screen Electronic Program Guide, SD and PCMCIA memory card slots, a DV input and a large capacity 160GB hard disc drive, we are particularly confident that the DMR -E95H will meet the needs of today's consumer and help maintain our innovative position in the market."

The DMR -E95H can do more than play back video. Taking an SD memory card from a digital still camera and inserting into the SD card slot on the front of the unit makes showing JPEG files easy. The PCMCIA card slot allows the consumer to use a variety of memory card formats. Accessibility is one of the unit's best features.

One touch of a button is all it takes to record data from the DMR -E95H's hard disk drive to a DVD -RAM or DVD -R disc at high speeds(3). Recording goes at a quick 12x normal speed to a DVD -RAM disc or 24x normal speed to DVD -R(4) (both in EP mode). For example, a one -hour program can be recorded to DVD -RAM in just 5 minutes or to DVD -R in just 2.5 minutes.

Detailed Feature List

Extended Recording Time: 284 hours (160GB Hard Disk), 8 hours (4.7GB Disc)
High Speed Recording from Hard Disk
Electronic Program Guide Function
Direct Navigator
DV Auto Recording
Automatic Playlist Creation
Still Picture (JPEG/TIFF) Storage/Playback
Playlist Recording from Hard Disk
SD/PC Card Slot
Playlist Playback
DVD with Thumbnail Creation
DVD -Audio Playback (2ch)
Time Slip(Tm) Functions
Quick View (x1.3)
Progressive Scan
One -touch Rec. & Play
Playlist Recording with Thumbnails
Relief Recording
Bilingual Recording
Recording Mode Conversion
High -Quality Linear PCM Audio
CPRM Recording Capability

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