NAD Showcases Complete Product Line

With a strategic expansion into A/V separates and more powerful A/V Receivers, NAD showcases seventeen new audio components that are now shipping

Separate components have always been the audio enthusiast`s preference and occupy the highest tier of performance for consumer electronics products. This year NAD embraces this philosophy with six new component separates, the T 163 A/V Tuner Preamplifier, the T 973 Seven (7) Channel Power Amplifier, the S170i Surround Sound Preamp/Processor, the C 162 Stereo Preamplifier, the C 272 Power Amplifier, and the C422 FM/AM Tuner.

Expanding on their already popular line of Home Theater products, NAD introduces four new A/V Receivers [T 773, T 763, T753 and T 743 ], three DVD Players, the T 513 and T 533 plus the new top -of -the -line S 570 Progressive Scan DVD Player.

Since the world of two -channel audio will always have a place in whole -house entertainment installations, to compliment the highly successful, award winning C320BEE, NAD has two new Class A Integrated Stereo Amps (C 372 and C 352) and two new CD Players (C 542 and C 521BEE).

Instead of rating their amps with the more optimistic FTC power specs stated by most competitors, the new NAD power amplifiers and A/V Receivers adhere to the stricter and more conservative Full Disclosure Power rating. All channels are driven simultaneously, at full bandwidth of 20Hz to 20kHz, with less than 0.08% THD at 4 and 8 ohms. All amplified products in the new NAD line up (except the T 743 A/V Receiver) incorporate the exclusive NAD PowerDrive™ circuitry that automatically senses a loudspeaker's impedance characteristics and adjusts its power supply settings to best cope with that specific load. This ensures remarkably dynamic and distortion -free performance.

For fast and efficient integration into the most demanding whole -house installations, all NAD products provide 12V triggers for remote on -off switching.


The T 973 Seven (7) Channel Power Amplifier employs monoblock construction, delivering a tremendously powerful 140wpc of continuous power with all seven (7) channels driven simultaneously. It features the new, proprietary "Holmgren" transformer, which uses a special core design and materials to enhance efficiency and make the transformer less sensitive to DC offsets. The T 973 Power Amplifier sells for $1999.

The T163 A/V Tuner Preamplifier combines all the control, flexibility and decoding functionality for the most demanding home theater enthusiast. Offering the latest 7.1, 6.1 and 5.1 digital surround formats with conversion of the decoded digital bitstream using high performance 24 -bit /192 kHz DACs on all channels, the T 163 has all the features required to serve as command center for the most sophisticated Home Theater systems. Multi -zone features, three 12 -volt triggers and a supplied learning remote, the T 163 is perfectly suited for custom installation applications and the perfect companion to the new T 973 Seven -channel amplifier. The T 163 is set to retail for $1499.

Offering even more power and features than any of their previous A/V Receivers, NAD introduces four brand new models, the T 773, T763, T753, and
T 743. The T 773 is NAD's first full seven -channel receiver, delivering 110 wpc. The T 763 is rated at 100 wpc (x6), the T 753 pumps out 70 wpc (x6), and the
T 743 delivers a respectable 50wpc (x5). The T 773 and T 763 come with an
RS -232 port for controllability and future software upgrades. The T773, T763 and T753 all have built -in 2nd zone capability with independent source and volume and a separate ZR -2 mini remote control. They also have pre -out/main in for all channels. IR sensors and 12 -volt triggers are supplied for simplified integration into complex custom installations. All four receivers come with the illuminated HTR -2 learning remote that controls up to eight devices. The T 773, T763, T753, T743 sell for a suggested list price of $1799, $1399, $999 and $699 respectively.

The newly upgraded S170i A/V Surround Sound Preamp/Processor is now THX Ultra 2 Certified, offering a plethora of digital formats including 7.1 channel decoding schemes, THX Surround EX, Dolby Digital EX and DTS ES. The S170i combines ultra -high -speed DSP processing employing the latest generation Motorola DSP with fully 24 -bit, 24/96 -capable D/A converters for all eight channels. The bass management crossover frequency can be adjusted in 10 Hz increments from 40 Hz to 200 Hz (except in THX mode where 80 Hz is specified). Fully upgradeable with a solid chassis made of heavy -gauge, sandblasted aluminum, the S170i comes with a learning remote to control up to eight devices and will retail for $3499.

With playback capability for all DVD Region discs, MP3 and HDCD decoded discs, the S 570 Progressive -Scan DVD Player uses 10 bit Video DACs running at 54MHz for the finest detail in picture reproduction. Like all NAD video products, audio is still a critical element and the S 570 exploits this potential to the fullest with a true24 -bit/192kHz DAC. Part of the S570's allure is the beautiful styling and solid chassis built of extruded aluminum panels, a perfect match to the new S170i Preamp/Processor. The S570 DVD Player will sell for $1,199.

The highly versatile T 533 DVD Player is the first NAD component to feature DVD -Audio, providing comprehensive bass management facilities for both DVD -A and Dolby Digital programs and supports up to five channels capable of reproducing 24 -bit, 192kHz resolution. Both the T 533 and T 513 feature progressive scan with 3:2 pull down and provide state -of -the -art video performance with 4x10 -bit, 54MHz Video DACs and capable of reproducing the finest picture details, as well as true blacks and vivid colors. Each support most popular disc formats, including DVD -R, JPEG, Kodak Picture CD, MP -3 and WMA (Windows Media Audio). They sell for $499 and $299 MSRP, respectively.


The C 162 Stereo Preamplifier offers plenty of connections, a total of six (6) line inputs (including tape in/outs) and MM/MC phone inputs. A modular FET amp operating in Class A is used for both line input and output stages. Two line level preamps are provided for bi -amping, with one preout offering an adjustable gain making the C 162 capable of driving several power amps in parallel. The C 162 also includes Bass and Treble Tone controls. It sells for $599 MSRP.

The C 272 Power Amplifier delivers a robust 160wpc of continuous power with both channels driven at rated distortion into 4 or 8 ohms. It is also bridgeable, capable of 300 watts in the mono mode. The C 272 is ideal for several applications such as the main amplifier in either a stereo or multi -channel, multi -amp system or as a stand -alone amplifier for a passive subwoofer. Equipped with two sets of loudspeaker binding posts, a second pair of speaker is easily added. It sells for $699 MSRP.

The Integrated Amplifiers being introduced by NAD include the C 372 and
C 352. Delivering a robust 150wpc of continuous power with both channels driven, the C 372 is also bridgeable, capable of 350 watts in the mono mode. The C 352 supplies a powerful 80wpc (x2) of continuous power. Both the C 372 and
C352 use the specially designed "Holmgren" transformer. Suggested manufacturers retail prices for the C372 and C 352 are $899 and $599 respectively.

The two new CD Players have separate power regulators for the digital and analog sections isolating the two electrically, resulting in reduced RF interference. The C 542 employs a 24 -bit Burr -Brown DAC's, while the C 521 BEE, also bearing the initials of Bjorn Erik Edvardsen, is equipped with 20 -bit high resolution Burr -Brown S -D DAC''s. The two players will sell for $499 And $299, respectively.

With 30 presets and RDS PS and RT functions to enhance ease of operation, the C422 FM/AM Tuner, adheres to NAD's simplistic design approach with a minimal of front panel features. The RDS PS (Program Service) automatically displays the name of the radio station, so you always know exactly what station you are listening to. At the touch of a button RDS RT (Radio Text) displays additional information broadcast by the radio station, such as the presenter, which music is playing, etc. For AM and non -RDS stations the C422 allows you to name each preset individually with up to 8 characters. The inclusion of 12V triggers makes the C422 an ideal choice for demanding, custom installations. It will sell for $299.

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