Linn Products & Aston Martin Continue Successful Brand Partnership

Such an advanced performance supercar merits only the most communicative and inspirational music and entertainment system, and the three levels of bespoke systems designed and manufactured by Linn for the DB9 deliver flawless performance.

Aston Martin and Linn Products Ltd are pleased to announce that their brand partnership, which began with the lauded Linn entertainment system in the V12 Vanquish, continues with a bespoke range of audio solutions for the stunning new DB9.

The DB9 heralds an exciting new era for Aston Martin and reflects the direction that the company is now taking with all future models. Using a radical new aluminium bonded frame, the 2+2 DB9 is one of the most sophisticated and technically advanced sports cars in the world. It successfully balances the attributes of a sports car with comforts normally only found in luxury cars.

Such an advanced performance supercar merits only the most communicative and inspirational music and entertainment system, and the three levels of bespoke systems designed and manufactured by Linn for the DB9 deliver flawless performance. Whether listening to the radio, conversing with a friend on the telephone or enjoying a favourite CD, the Linn systems deliver pure and accurate sound.

Ivor Tiefenbrun M.B.E., Managing Director of Linn Products said: "DB9 owners value precision engineering at its best. The Linn sound systems offered with this vehicle are precision engineered to compliment this superb vehicle and complete its sublime transportation experience for driver and passengers. "

Three system levels are offered for the vehicle; the more the system costs the better it sounds. Regardless of the solution chosen, all of the Linn audio components are seamlessly integrated with the 3rd party in -dash 6 CD auto -changer, radio, navigation and telephone systems.

Linn 128W Audio System

Fitted as standard in the DB9, the Linn 128W Audio System is a 5 -channel stereo amplification and loudspeaker solution, conceived to deliver clarity and simplicity on the move.

Four 22 -watt -per -channel amplifiers, developed from Linn's latest ultra -linear CHAKRA technology, drive two loudspeakers situated in stereo configuration in the vehicle's doors. Each of these active loudspeakers contains a 4 -inch mid -range drive unit and a 1 -inch tweeter.

An additional 40 -watt amplifier drives the 8 -inch bass reinforcement loudspeaker which is situated between the rear seats. All of the amplifier modules have comprehensive protection circuitry and thermal and electrical cut -offs, and all of the advanced circuitry is housed in a single rugged module integrated into the luggage compartment.

Linn 260W Audio System with Limbik

The Linn 260W Audio System is the mid -level option in the range, offering greater power and the addition of LIMBIK -powered surround sound, delivering superior sound and tuneful performance that is simply totally involving.

At the heart of the Linn 260W Audio System an integrated CHAKRA amplifier module outputs eleven channels of pure, clean power to a total of six active loudspeakers. In addition to the front stereo and bass reinforcement loudspeakers included in the Linn 128W, a fascia -mounted centre -channel loudspeaker and two additional rear loudspeakers complete a full 5.1 solution.

Surround sound processing in the Linn 260W System is handled by Linn's proprietary Limbik software algorithm which converts a normal stereo signal into 6 discrete channels of pitch -accurate sound, immersing the driver in the performance.

Linn 950W Audio System with Dolby® Pro Logic II

For a truly sublime transportation experience, the Linn 950W Audio System sets a new standard of in -car audio reproduction.

The Linn 950W Audio System features reference quality CHAKRA amplification powered by Linn's proprietary Switch Mode Power Supply technology resulting in substantially greater power output and improved sound quality.

Total amplifier output is 950W, split into ten channels of 75W driving the active full -range loudspeakers and an additional 200W driving the active bass reinforcement loudspeaker. In the 950W system, the bass reinforcement loudspeaker is servo -controlled, using an accelerometer to provide the correct feedback required for pitch accurate performance down to the lowest frequencies.

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