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Do I what? What is cocooning? These are the responses we always get when we ask that question. So, what exactly is cocooning? co·coon·ing ( P ) Pronunciation Key (k -knng) n. Retreat into the seclusion of one`s own home during leisure time Cocooning is a way of life. It`s how many of us have dreamed of living for years. Being a cocooner simply means you can enjoy being in your home.

Home Automation targets a broad audience, from beginners to the most advanced cocooners. At CocoonTech help is only a click away. Do you want to control you lights from the internet? For most people this may seem impossible but just simply ask and the members at CocoonTech will assist you from the ground up. They will tell you what hardware and software you will need as well as give you step by step instructions. There is also a growing database of carefully written how -to`s which you can look at to get ideas of what you would like to do to make your home more enjoyable.

Home Security
Are you in the market for a Home Security system. Visit and see what everyone else is using. Learn about installing and setting up your own home security systems. Read How -To`s about installing window contacts, glass shattering sensors, motion detectors and more( Ask and you shall receive any information from which monitoring companies give the most bang for the buck to what software is best for doing your own monitoring. At your imagination is the limit.

Home Theaters
Do you want your own movie theater? How about a digital library with so many movies that you need sort them by Title, Author, Genre, Type and Rating just so you can find the one you want to watch? How about tivo features and more without the tivo price? Cocooners live for entertainment. Imagine having your lights dim and your movie screen lower as soon as you choose the movie of your liking from your LCD remote. Impress all your friends an family and do it all on your own. It`s really not hard to setup a entertainment system that looks and acts like a million dollar system and with the help of other cocooners it`s even easier. is a community of friendly people who meet everyday via their Message Board and the online Chat room. Join in on the fun, get product reviews, how -to`s, find out where all the hot deals are. Meet people with all kinds of expertise in many different technical fields. This site is great for men and women of all ages and experience. Make you life easier and more enjoyable, start cocooning.

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Aperion Audio - Award Winning Home Audio for less

Aperion Audio - Award Winning Home Audio for less

Aperion is a group of dedicated audio enthusiasts committed to helping you create the sound experience of your life, at a price that won't break the bank. We make award-winning speakers that look as good as they sound and sell them online so you get unbeatable quality for the price. You always get a 60-day in-home audition with FREE SHIPPING. If you don't like your speakers for any reason, send them back and we'll pay the shipping. Really. You get unlimited free support for your entire system and we back up our products with generous 5-and-10-year warranties. Since we've been around for over fifteen years, you're covered.