Small Business & Home Office IT Support Spending on the Rise

Digiticians(R) Revolutionary New Internet Delivery Model Sees 581% Increase.

Waltham, MA, April 26, 2004 - -The Digiticians, a leading provider of remote desktop and network support nation -wide, today announced that 2004 first quarter revenues jumped 33.0% compared to the same quarter for 2003. Revenues from remote managed services increased 581%. Illustrating the demand for convenience and cost savings, the company`s flagship remote desktop support service, eSupport, saw an increase of 990.9%.

`Our customers are clearly looking for a quality support solution at an affordable price. The cost of on -site service is getting too high for many small businesses, and is simply beyond the reach of many home office professionals to pay." Says Ken Smith, Founder & CEO of The Digiticians. The company launched its revolutionary new Internet -based computer support solution in January 2003 and has seen steady increases in customers and monthly usage. Through the company's web site users can access the same quality remote technical support as employees of large corporations rely on but at a fraction of the cost of traditional on -site service.

The increased penetration of broadband Internet and home networks, especially wireless networks, has also fueled the demand for residential technical support. Nielson reported that overall, broadband grew by 0.95% in October 2003, with 40.9% of US home users enjoying a high -speed connection. At the same time, in January 2004 the Internet Home Alliance reported that US households with a home network reached 7.8 million in 2003 and will stretch to 10 million by the end of 2004.

The introduction of home networks, with multiple inter -connected PC`s, peripherals and software applications introduces a level of complexity in the home that is stretching the skills and patience of the average consumer. It also increases the potential vulnerability to viruses and spyware and impact of a system crash or data loss. But hardware and software manufacturer technical support is designed to support only their -own products. Most home computer users buy products from many different companies, driving a new demand for systems integration in the home. Consumers are seeking a one -stop -shop solution for affordable in -home computer support, and for managing the increasing complexity of their systems.

The Digiticians products and services are designed to support products from multiple vendors focusing on end -user needs rather than product features.

`What`s very gratifying for us is the fact that we continue to see word of mouth referrals account for nearly thirty percent of our new business. Neighbors are recommending The Digiticians to their neighbors, business colleagues to colleagues across the hall, we even had a home user in Massachusetts tell a friend in Washington State to try our service. It`s like a great new restaurant - people are passing on the word that there is an alternative to paying high -priced on -site technicians.`

About The Digiticians
The Digiticians is a leading provider of remote computer and network support and software to residential, home office, and small office professionals globally. The company`s turn -key solutions combine on -demand remote desktop support with automated computer maintenance software and secure, and remote data storage. For more information please visit or call toll free 1 -888 -MY -DIGIT.

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