DEQX announces Speaker, Room and Recording Correction Preamp

Leading Digital Loudspeaker and Room Correction Technology Company Launches New Model

April 20th 2004, Sydney, Australia - DEQX has announced the official launch of its DEQX Calibrated(TM) PDC -2.6P two -channel Preamp. Based on its PDC -2.6 speaker and room correction processor, the new model's preamp features include remote -control based analogue volume control and 100 memory parametric equalization for correcting recordings.

In the new PDC -2.6P Preamp model, Burr Brown analogue volume controls follow DEQX's 12MHz DACs to maintain full audio resolution at low listening levels.
The remote control provides minimum phase equalization with high and low shelving and a variable parametric band that can be centred at any frequency in semitone increments. Bandwidth is adjustable from a single semitone to 4 octaves. Source selection using the remote is from four stereo inputs:
unbalanced (RCA), balanced (XLR), digital AES/EBU (XLR) and digital S/PDIF (RCA).

DEQX CEO, Kim Ryrie, explains that "DEQX Calibrated(TM) correction provides amplitude and phase correction of the full audio spectrum (but especially in the mid to high frequencies), with minimal latency. If you can imagine a graphic equalizer that has about four thousand bands that actually corrected phase at all frequencies rather than making it worse, you've got an idea how different DEQX is to traditional analogue and digital EQ."

Both PDC models also provide phase and delay -corrected crossovers for subwoofers or (up to) 3 -way active speaker designs, using DEQX's linear phase crossovers and phase correction technology. The DEQX PDC units provide both speaker and room correction, using near -field measurements for speaker correction, and listening position measurements for room correction.

"Phase correction in the critical mid and high frequency ranges cannot be attempted using room -correction measurements because these contain room reverberation effects that render mid to high frequency phase information meaningless. For speaker correction DEQX corrects the native behaviour of the source instrument itself. Ideally, this should be able to exactly replicate the phase and amplitude of the sound it reproduces as received by the accurate microphone that recorded it. To date, this has been virtually impossible using normal uncorrected speaker technology, whose power factor across the spectrum varies by a factor of four to one, which is plus -minus 3dB," said Ryrie.

"DEQX Calibrated(TM) processing can provide a perfectly flat near field frequency response with correspondingly corrected phase response. For room correction however a flat room response is not desirable because mid to high frequencies are increasingly absorbed by the room and distance as pitch increases. This typically results in a 6 to 8 dB fall off by 20kHz at the listening position compared to say A440 in a reasonably dampened room. We recommend that simple room dampening be applied to the walls and floor so that a corrected speaker sounds natural and that room correction only be applied electronically at the lower frequencies (typically below 300Hz),"
Ryrie added.

According to Ryrie, "The PDC -2.6 and PDC -2.6P offer the most comprehensive audio measurement and correction processing available for professionals and serious consumer audio users. DEQX Calibrated(TM) processing addresses the fundamental problems of speaker design and room acoustics that simply cannot be achieved using analog technology."

DEQX's DSP filtering is based on a combination of FIR (Finite Impulse
Response) and IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) filters. DEQX Calibrated(TM) can provide consistently High Definition audio from quality loudspeaker components and assemblies being driven by ordinary resolution CDs, LPs and film soundtracks.

The six standard RCA unbalanced analogue (RCA) outputs from the PDC allow two -way or three -way linear phase digital crossovers with slopes up to 300dB/octave. Optionally, units can be supplied with six balanced analogue
(XLR) or digital (S/PDIF and AES/EBU) outputs. Pricing for the standard configuration DEQX Calibrated(TM) PDC -2.6P (Preamp Model) is approximately US$3,500

1. About DEQX Pty Limited

DEQX Calibrated(TM) is a new generation of digital loudspeaker, room and recording correction technology, developed to reliably increase the three -dimensional 'being there' experience from stereo and surround recordings.

The benefits of implementing DEQX Calibrated(TM) technology in a loudspeaker system include:
· Improved 'being there' perception
· Improved dispersion and wider sweet spot
· Improved imaging and sound -staging
· Accurate phase and frequency response
· Improved power handling
· Reduced crossover distortion

The DEQX Calibrated(TM) process provides proprietary DSP correction for every driver in a speaker system, delivering matched phase response/time alignment and flat frequency response - typically within a fraction of a dB.

The DEQX Calibrated(TM) products also offer linear phase zero -distortion digital stereo 2 or 3 -way crossovers with very high order slopes (up to 300dB per octave.) 'Fine tuning' features include multiple bands of real -time digital parametric EQ, further per -speaker time alignment (delay), and individual driver level tuning.

DEQX offers products for audio professionals, speaker manufacturers, car audio manufacturers, home audio users and custom installers. DEQX, whose founders and principals have a three -decade history in digital audio innovation, is based in Sydney, Australia.

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