Tappan Wire manufactures various combination cables for multimedia use in the home and business markets

BLAUVELT, New York - - - - April 19, 2004 - - - -Tappan Wire & Cable expands their production of combination cables for connecting multimedia hardware.

Cables can consist of following combinations:
one RG -6 quad shielded coaxial cable and one category 5 (CAT 5e)
one RG -6 cable and two CAT 5e cables
one CAT 5e cable with a 14awg/ 4 conductors in a jacket
two CAT 5e cables with a 22awg/2 conductors shielded jacket pair and one 18awg/2 conductors in a jacket
two RG -6 cables and two CAT 5e cables

Combo cables are best suited for installation of true multimedia within the modern home. Specific purposes for the cables include connecting audio, video, voice and high speed data lines. Combo cables allow for one cable to be installed instead of the traditional multiple cables to satisfy this requirement. The outer jacket provides extra protection from abrasion and puncture damage.

The advantages of using combination cables allow a single installation for multiple uses, thereby lowering the installation cost. Since all of the components are under one jacket, there are no additional wires left exposed on the outer walls. The need for future retrofit is eliminated because of the enhanced electrical properties of each component. Furthermore, the set up time is greatly reduced since all of the multimedia wiring and jacks can be installed in one location for each room.

Tappan Wire & Cable's products are UL approved and verified for CAT 5e data performance.

Tappan Wire & Cable can also custom build other variations of combo cables to suit different system designs. Some of these variations include: multi -paired cables, shielded cables, different individual and overall jacket colors, non -plenum configurations and custom jacket printing. Minimum run quantities start at 10,000 feet per design.

Tappan Wire & Cable, Inc. founded in 1978, is a leading manufacturer of low & medium voltage cables that are sold through distribution throughout North America, South America and Europe. Products include, fire alarm, sound & security, tray cable, high temperature cable, chemical resistant cable, coaxial video cable, automotive, industrial, water blocked direct burial cable, electronic/RS232 cable, home automation & home theater cables.

For more information visit us on the web at http://www.tappanwire.com

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