Monitor Viewing Environment Solutions Receiving Attention

Room conditions surrounding an electronic display will serve to either enhance or contaminate its picture performance. Lighting and decor have been proven to affect the viewer`s perception of the image.

Viewing Environment Solutions Are Receiving Attention

Denver, CO, March 22, 2004:

CinemaQuest, Inc. is uniquely dedicated to providing reference -quality, electronic display viewing environment technologies and solutions to related industries. Their Ideal -Lume line of 6500 kelvins video viewing environment luminaires recently received an endorsement from Joe Kane Productions: . Industry experts using their Ideal -Lume Pro model also include: the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF); Industrial Light and Magic (ILM); THX, Ltd.; Universal Studios; professional video display reviewers; among others.

CinemaQuest, Inc. has developed products and services that address many requirements of ideal viewing environment characteristics. Their research and development has focused on standards and recommendations specified by: the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE); the International Organization for Standardization (ISO); and the International Commission on Illumination (CIE). Professionals and consumers are recognizing the benefits of tailoring their viewing environment to enhance the pictures produced by high performance imaging devices. The photography, publishing, graphic arts and electronic entertainment industries are increasingly focusing upon digital display performance criteria and the associated environment.

The home theater community is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of viewing environment conditions and their impact upon image quality and viewer perception. Today`s DTV `revolution` along with HDTV have served to increase consumer interest in what constitutes superlative television pictures.

Custom home theater designers and their clients are becoming more knowledgeable of and concerned with the impact of room acoustics upon sound system performance. Room conditions can also potentially compromise the appearance of video displays. Lighting and interior decor will either preserve or contaminate image quality and the observer`s perception of the display. Eye strain, viewer fatigue, the perception of color, black level and detail are all affected by room conditions. The diligent efforts of cinematographers and film -to -video transfer colorists can be rendered ineffective by improperly designed viewing environments.

CinemaQuest, Inc. provides consulting services for designers and consumers interested in ensuring their viewing environments conform to recommended practice. Their web site offers contact information, unique products and reference solutions for discerning users of high performance TVs and computer displays: .

The newest model of display environment lighting produced by CinemaQuest, Inc. is their Ideal -Lume Graphics, developed for computer monitor use. It`s a dual -mode product that offers both 5000 and 5400 kelvins color temperature operation. Illumination can be varied in color and lumen output via an included filter kit.

Ideal -Lume luminaires are distributed online and through select dealers who have received formal training in the theory and practice of imaging science and display standards. Seminars and courses that qualify dealers are provided by: the Imaging Science Foundation; Joe Kane Productions; Burns Consulting; Runco, International and AV Consulting.

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