ConnectStack an industry first in design and vision

ConnectStack is the first of its kind in the industry. It makes accessing broadband internet so easy that set up consists of snapping modules on and no configuration is needed. Users can even go wireless if they so desire.

Leus Networks, in joint venture with Compex Systems Pte Ltd, rising leader in the networking hardware industry, introduces the industry's first stackable ADSL modem/gateway, the Leus ConnectStack 6000. The Leus ConnectStack is a complete home networking solution providing simplicity, scalability and security with its revolutionary design and unique StackBus™ technology. The Leus ConnectStack 6000 is the answer to providing Internet connectivity with minimum user effort and easy expansion to add additional users, including wireless users.

The ConnectStack is simplistic in its space -saving design with snap -on functional upgrades utilizing the unique Leus StackBus™ interface. The ConnectStack experience begins with a base module that includes an ADSL modem connected via USB. Drawing power from the USB eliminates the need for an external power supply. This provides a very low start -up cost to the ISP and a simple and straightforward "out -of -box" experience for the user. Once the driver has been installed, the user is ready to go! No additional software is needed.

Connecting additional users to the network is as simple as adding the ConnectStack Gateway module and other optional modules as needed. Unlike traditional Broadband Internet Gateways (or routers), the Gateway module accomplishes sharing without having to re -cable or reconfigure the first user. The Gateway module easily snaps on top of the base modem, connecting the power supply and then the other computer via Ethernet. The experience of additional users to the network is that of connection to a modem, just like that of the first user. There is no knowledge barrier of routing and networking to cross.

In contrast to traditional router solutions, the Leus ConnectStack does not mandate complex settings to access more sophisticated applications that a common NAT router cannot resolve. It provides for two kinds of user logins - shared and individual. With shared login, users share one public IP address through NAT. With individual login, the user gets a routable public IP address. The ConnectStack supports multiple logins in Individual mode on a single ADSL line. Each user in the selected Individual mode, has a routable public IP address and can easily access sophisticated programs such as corporate VPNs, multi -player games, and certain video -conferencing applications.

Further addition of a Wireless module allows the connection of additional computers wirelessly using the 802.11b or 802.11g (Wi -Fi) standard. While supporting the defacto WEP security protection, ConnectStack offers a simple and secure method of preventing access to the wireless network and protecting the user names and passwords. This prevents theft -of -service even when the WEP key is compromised or no security is set, without any work on the part of the non -technical user. Unlike conventional wireless client connections, all ConnectStack wireless users must login through a user -friendly browser interface to gain access to the Internet. Therefore, the ConnectStack ensures a high level of secure wireless access. The Leus ConnectStack family provides a fully -compatible, step -by -step approach that is all in all, simple, secure, and scalable. The setup of a Leus ConnectStack network is easy enough for even the most novice user!

Compex, Inc. is the main US distributor of the Leus ConnectStack 6000 series. Leus Networks seeks to partner with Internet Service Providers to offer the Leus ConnectStack 6000 as a complete home networking package. Successive expansion modules will be available in selected retail outlets. For further information please visit

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