Your Simple Standalone DVR Solution - TeleEye RM -422

Want to replace your current analog storage system cost-effectively? TeleEye RM-422 digital video recorder will be your best choice!

TeleEye Group today launched a simple -to -use 4 -channel non -PC based standalone digital video recorder, TeleEye RM -422. With advanced MJPEG compression technology, TeleEye RM -422 guarantees consistent high quality recorded video with resolution up to 720x576 pixels. Standalone real time monitoring and recording rate up to 50/60 fields per second can be achieved. Its removable hard drive design allows users to flexibly expand the recording capacity according to their own requirement.

TeleEye RM -422 offers multiple recording mode and full control of recording rate and picture quality. It also features with extensive alarm handling, easy search and efficient playback capabilities. With user -friendly operations in mind, TeleEye RM -422 is easy to use just as a VCR. With its reliable high performance at affordable price, TeleEye RM -422 is your best choice of analog video recording replacement!

Other sophisticated features include video recording rate up to 50/60 fps, multiple recording mode, time lapse recording, intelligent recorded video search, dual composite video outputs, OSD menu, etc.

With the introduction of the TeleEye RM -422, TeleEye Group further enhances its product lines and broadens its reach in the fast growing digital video recording market.

About TeleEye Group
TeleEye Group was founded in 1994 by the City University of Hong Kong and a group of engineering researchers. It is principally engaged in the development, sales and marketing of innovative products that make use of advanced signal processing technologies. The TeleEye Group has rapidly grown to become a dynamic and leading world -class supplier of remote visual management systems with extensive application in various industries. TeleEye currently has an extensive distribution network of more than 100 local dealers and overseas distributors covering 25 countries worldwide. TeleEye Holdings Limited (SEHK: 8051) was listed on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) in The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

About TeleEye Products
TeleEye Group offers a wide range of remote visual management systems with extensive application in various industries under well -established "TeleEye" and "CAMERIO" brand names. Its product series includes:
l TeleEye III+ Network CCTV
TeleEye III+ VT Series - A cost effective video transmitter for remote video viewing
TeleEye III+ VR Series - A full triplex operating system with built -in hard drive for video recording, remote video viewing and playback
TeleEye III+ VX Series - An all -in -one video recording transmitter with dual composite video outputs and removable hard drive for standalone and remote operations

l TeleEye III+ Network Camera
TeleEye III+ NF610 - A cost effective network camera for video surveillance

l TeleEye Dialup CCTV
TeleEye DT -103G - A mobile video transmitter supporting GSM network

l TeleEye Digital Video Recorder
TeleEye RM -422 - A cost effective standalone digital video recorder

l CAMERIO TeleEAR - Multiplexes video and audio data and transmits over a single communication channel

l TeleEye M -monitoring Solution - Gets remote video with a Pocket PC anywhere and anytime

l TeleEye III+ Multi -site Network Monitoring Solution - Receives video from up to 16 locations or cameras through LAN or Internet for monitoring and recording.

l Cyber TeleEye Web Video Solution - Adds live video on users' existing web pages and distributes video to numerous Internet users.

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