Winner of the CeBIT 2003 Award for Best Communication Product Demonstrates Continued Leadership with PowerAV

CeBIT 2004, HANNOVER, GERMANY - March 18, 2004 - Intellon Corporation, the world leader in integrated circuits (ICs) for high -speed powerline networking, is demonstrating its PowerAV technology for the distribution of multi -stream HDTV and SDTV media throughout the home at CeBIT 2004, in Hall 12, Stand A66. The demonstration features the transmission of a high -definition video stream over standard electrical wiring.

PowerAV, based on Intellon's proven OFDM -based PowerPacket™ technology, achieves physical layer rates in excess of 200 Mbps and actual data rates of more than 100 Mbps - faster than any flavor of Wi -Fi. The PowerAV protocol reliably and securely transmits isochronous traffic, such as MPEG2 video. Intellon's solution tightly controls jitter and latency, and provides a Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism, while accommodating low -bandwidth traffic like IP data or voice.

At CeBIT 2003, CHIP Computer Magazine named Intellon's HomePlug Technology 1.0 the "Best Communications Product." Today, Intellon has the dominant share of the global HomePlug market, with customers such as Devolo, Packard Bell, and Sagem shipping more than 50 products based on Intellon's HomePlug 1.0 ICs. The European market has been quick to embrace the technology with hundreds of thousands of Intellon -based products sold in Europe within its first year of availability.

"Intellon's PowerAV is based on the same technology that made HomePlug 1.0 a success," said Charlie Harris, CEO of Intellon Corporation. "PowerAV supports transmission of multiple audio, standard -definition video and high -definition video streams over powerlines, with better bandwidth, coverage and security than existing wireless technologies. We offer the only cost -effective solution that provides both the speed and reliability required for video connectivity inside the home, while remaining compatible with HomePlug 1.0 traffic."

Intellon's booth at CeBIT will also feature the world's first HomePlug 1.0 ADSL modem/gateway, a HomePlug embedded PC and several HomePlug audio products.

About Intellon
Intellon Corporation ( is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in powerline networking and communications. Intellon's integrated circuits allow consumers to share Internet connections, stream digital audio and video, and network PC and consumer entertainment devices by simply plugging into existing power outlets. Intellon's patented PowerPacket™ technology, selected by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance as the basis for its industry specification 1.0 following a 500 -home test, is built on more than 12 years of experience working in the powerline environment. Intellon is a founding sponsor and member of the board of directors of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

Home and small business networking products using Intellon's powerline ICs are already available in Europe, North America, and Asia from leading companies including Asoka, Belkin, Corinex, Deneg, Devolo, DLink, Elcon, Gateway, Gigafast, Linksys, Netgear, Olitec, Packard Bell, Powertec, RadioShack, Sagem, Siemens and ST&T. Consumer electronics manufacturers are working with Intellon to develop a wide variety of HomePlug -embedded devices, including desktop PCs, broadband modems, Internet gateways, security cameras and audio/video entertainment systems.

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