Home Systems Connection Launches New Web Interface and Extends Reach to More Desktops

Home Systems Connection, continuing its mission to create a universal, centralized product database, has launched a new interface for its website, HomeSystemsConnection.com featuring more intuitive product searches and an interactive banner facility.

Home Systems Connection Launches New Web Interface

Wayne, Pa, March 10, 2004. Home Systems Connection, Inc. continues its mission to develop a universal, centralized product database to support both marketing and operational processes. The company has just launched a new interface for its website, www.HomeSystemsConnection.com. This interface is designed for more intuitive product searches and also enables product vendor sponsors to expose specific products and technologies via and interactive banner facility. "Our objectives in redesigning the website were to create a strong draw for the dealer community by making a wide array of product information quickly and easily accessible, to enable our vendor sponsors to promote their brands in an engaging and unobtrusive manner, and to increase the support for our Custom Data Partners who form the backbone of the "universal" aspect of our mission statement ", says Home Systems Connection Managing Director Peter Cosenza. It is through the Custom Data Partnerships that Home Systems Connection can deliver product information for use in 3rd party software applications.

Concurrent with the new web launch, Home Systems Connection is also releasing a new web -based data delivery facility to support the Horizon Software user community. This new approach facilitates database management in a manner more consistent with how the average dealer operates. Registered users can access the Home Systems Connection database 24/7 and customize import files with exactly what SKUs they need, when they need it. "With almost 3000 seats in 1000 shops the Horizon CPS/SCPS user base is one of the most vibrant software communities in our industry. Additionally, Horizon is our first Data Partner to put a live link in its software so users can window directly from the application and access additional rich information that is available in the centralized online database. This is a significant step for us in our effort to fuel true enterprise solutions with our data services", states Cosenza.

Building upon core information from over 150 product vendors, Home Systems Connection is soliciting product vendors to subscribe to its Plus and Premium Data Services, which add rich data content to the basic data currently made available to the custom install community. Interested manufacturers can contact HSC by e -mail at info@HomeSystemsConnection.com. Current Vendor Sponsors include OnQ Technologies, Philips, Polk Audio, RTI, Russound, Sharp/SharpVision and Vantage Point.



Home Systems Connection was created by Consumer Electronics Custom Installation professionals to develop a universally applicable product information data format to support sales and home system implementation of Consumer Electronics and related products. Conceptual and technical resources benefit from the on -going collaboration of industry veterans Peter Cosenza and Jeff Kussard.

More information can be found at the following websites:

Home Systems Connection - www.HomeSystemsConnection.com.

Horizon Software - www.horizon -software.com

To contact Home Systems Connection:

E -mail Peter Cosenza at Peter@HomeSystemsConnection.com

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