NASCAR Information Available On A Universal Remote

NASCAR fans now have the ability to download and view updated schedules, news and standings regarding their favorite teams and drivers via a LCD screen on a universal remote control.


Free Personalized Racing Information and TV Program Listings
Now Available On The Guide Remote

TUSTIN, Calif., March 9, 2004 - Evolve Solutions, Inc., creators and leading provider of universal remote controls containing free television listings, today announced an agreement with RMG3, the leader in helping organizations harness sports and technology to connect with their customers. Under the agreement, RMG3 will provide downloadable, customizable NASCAR racing content for the only universal remote control to offer free television program listings, the Guide Remote.

Utilizing the Evolve Solution's patented SecondScreen™ technology, NASCAR fans now have the ability to download and view updated schedules, news and standings regarding their favorite teams and drivers via a LCD screen on a universal remote control.

"Evolve Solutions continues to redefine the features and benefits of a familiar product in a universal remote control," said Frank O'Donnell, chief executive officer and a company co -founder of Evolve Solutions, Inc. "This strategic alliance provides NASCAR fans the power of personalized racing information and television programming, all from a simple download, right to the palm of their hand."

"We're thrilled to be a part of such an innovative and exciting product like the Guide Remote," said Matt Heisley, RMG3 vice president. "Race fans have come to know our website as the premiere destination for NASCAR news, results, information and statistics. Now we'll be bringing that timely and exclusive content to Guide Remote users through this new partnership with Evolve Solutions."

Announced last year, the Guide Remote puts an end to interrupted program viewing by allowing users to access weekly personalized television program information right in the palm of their hand, to see what's on now or what's on next without missing what they are currently watching. Consumers can download via a USB connection from a PC up to seven days of subscription free television listings and program descriptions plus customizable racing content directly to their remote control.

The Guide Remote is a fully backlit universal remote control consolidating TV, VCR, DVD, cable and satellite remote controls with the convenience of personalized television listings on an LCD screen. With the hundreds of television channels available to consumers and the many choices for viewing program listings, the Guide Remote is a simple solution offering viewers of cable, satellite or broadcast television a product that can easily be customized to match viewing choices.

Now available for under $50, the Guide Remote with personalized NASCAR racing content can be purchased through the Fan Shop at and selected NASCAR racing events.

About Evolve Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1997, Evolve Solutions, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets a family of Guide Remote products as well as owns and operates the Guide Remote Network, developed especially for second screens on remote control devices. The Guide Remote offers television viewers a range of informative, entertaining and customizable content via a LCD second screen on the remote control handset. Evolve is a privately held company with a broad portfolio of intellectual property. For more information on the growing line of Guide Remotes log on to

About RMG3

RMG3 is a full -service Media, Marketing and Merchandising agency, providing such services as web site development, e -commerce consultation, and sponsorship solicitation. RMG3 provides web site customers with its proprietary 1Touch™ Content Management Tool for self -publishing. RMG3 is a privately held corporation with its US headquarters in Charlotte, NC. For more information about RMG3, please visit or call 704 -377 -7477 or e -mail

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