Leviton Introduces "Spec -Grade" Sound

With high-end features and entry-level prices, this new line delivers `designer sound without the designer price tag.`

Orlando, March 11, 2004 - - As the brand leader in residential structured cabling systems, Leviton unveils a new product line that will extend the company's reach beyond basic home networking, into home entertainment: Spec -Grade Sound' from the Leviton Integrated Networks Division.

Notes Bob Becker, General Manager of Leviton Integrated Networks Division,
" Residential structured cabling is now a standard feature in well over 30% of the new homes built today. But distributed audio and home theater have yet to reach even 10% penetration. To bridge that gap, Leviton has created Spec -Grade Sound. To make Spec -Grade the 'go -to' brand for builders and contractors, Leviton did its homework. First, we asked contractors to give us their 'wish list' of features and prices. Next, we went to the leading OEM speaker supplier (the one that actually manufactures a lot of the 'designer' brands on the market) for the latest in high -end features and technologies, but at price points that work for the contractor, builder and homeowner. Finally, to effectively compete in the audio arena we put together an internal product and marketing team whose collective resume boasts relevant work experience with brands including JBL, Carver, Harman/Kardon, Velodyne and others. Spec -Grade Sound is the result."
Spec -Grade Sound is available through a nationwide network of Leviton Integrated Networks distributors and contractors that currently handle Leviton Structured Media' systems. Explains Mark Cerasuolo, Director of Home Entertainment, "For residential contractors looking to get into distributed audio systems, Spec -Grade Sound is their exceptionally craft -friendly tool. For established audio contractors and system integrators already familiar with the high -end installation brands, Spec -Grade Sound is everything they expect, but without the high -end price, and their point -of -entry into the value -oriented production builder market."
The product offering hosts an array of innovative audio features and technologies, including:
System Matching Module with AutoSurgeTM speaker protection -the entire system is impedance -matched at the central wiring point to afford a "no math installation" on the part of the contractor when installed to the Leviton standard. As a leader in electrical surge protection, Leviton has adapted the principle for audio applications to provide maximum "overdrive" protection and built it into each speaker.
Speakers with high -end features and cost -economy - - The ideal woofer cone is both light and rigid. Spec -Grade Sound uses a hybrid of Kevlar (strong enough for battlefield armor) and organic fiber. Aerospace -grade nylon tweeters made of aeronylon result in a perfect balance of shape and strength to reproduce critical high frequencies.
Transformer -FreeTM volume controls -based on Leviton's renowned Chopin digital volume control, the Decora" StraussTM Transformer -FreeTM volume control delivers both high power handling and ruler -flat frequency response.
Complete system technology and installation training -as the company setting the standard for residential systems training (with over 14,000 certified contractors), Leviton Integrated Networks has developed a comprehensive audio system design and installation curriculum designed to provide general contractors with system -integrator level skills.

No Math Installation; Continuous System Protection
Spec -Grade SoundTM Systems enable audio system installers to save valuable installation time by eliminating the need for matching speakers, zones and volume controls to a system amplifier when installing multi -room residential audio systems. Spec -Grade Sound offers a convenient, cost -economical alternative to complicated impedance -matched controls that can require individual calculation and setting, along with expensive impedance -matching components that add cost and complexity to the audio component "stack."
The integrated System Matching Module with AutoSurgeTM Technology ensures that all impedance -matching is performed at the central wiring point where speaker and amplifier output wiring converge (either in the structured cabling enclosure or at a designated wall plate location). This design saves valuable installation time by eliminating the need for mathematical calculations to be performed by contractors during the installation process. The design also saves space because the impedance -matching component is built into either the structured cabling enclosure or the wall.
Spec -Grade Sound's System Matching Module with AutoSurge Technology builds on Leviton's expertise in the field of power quality. Operating in the background and remaining completely inaudible, the AutoSurge circuit activates to protect the speakers from potentially damaging power peaks, and automatically resets after the proper voltage is restored. As an additional system safeguard, Leviton's Spec -Grade Sound speakers incorporate an additional layer of AutoSurge protection. With AutoSurge protection technology, contractors, builders and end -users are spared the headache of having to deal with a "dead" speaker.

Speakers Combine High -End Features and Cost -Economy

Spec -Grade Sound™ Speakers combine the latest features and technologies with pricing that makes high -end audio performance available to the residential construction market. When combined with Spec -Grade Sound control and distribution components, the new line of indoor and outdoor speakers delivers unmatched audio quality in price -sensitive production home applications.
Indoor wall and ceiling -mounted and Spec -Grade Sound speakers feature high -output Kevlar -composite woofers to more accurately reproduce dynamic, tight bass and incisive midrange frequencies. Aerospace -grade nylon tweeters combine low mass and high tensile strength for crystal -clear treble response and accurate tracking of the most challenging musical details. The outdoor model incorporates weather -resistant materials such as silicate -fiber cones with butyl -rubber surrounds, a polypropylene enclosure, gold -plated connections and stainless -steel mounting hardware for extreme durability.
To achieve accurate stereo imaging, a precise phase/time waveguide properly aligns the high -frequency output of Spec Grade Sounds' in -wall speakers without misaligning the tweeters, a problem common in many adjustable in -wall speakers. The speaker's precision dividing network is made of high -spec components to ensure audio signal integrity. The baffle -frame assembly incorporates higher -density plastics and a series of adjustable "doglegs" to more rigidly clamp the speaker to the wall or ceiling material.
The speakers are available as a 6.5 -inch Two -Way Ceiling model (SGC65), a 6.5 -inch Two -Way In -Wall model (SGI65), an 8 -inch Two -Way In -Wall model (SGI80), and an Outdoor/Utility Two -Way model (SGO99).

Transformer -Free Volume Controls Offer High Quality Audio Over Wide Bandwidths

A volume control stands between the speaker and amplifier in a distributed audio system circuit and has the potential to influence a system's sound quality and power handling capability. The new Decora® Strauss™ transformer -free volume controls when combined with the company's line of Spec -Grade Sound speakers and audio components, make the Spec Grade system an audio distribution solution that delivers impeccable sound quality when used with today's high -current amplifiers and wide -bandwidth digital sound sources.
Conventional volume controls use audio transformers or "autoformers" to change volume levels, which are often responsible for the muffled sound listeners associate with built -in speakers. The Decora Strauss Control uses Cermetile resistors, which present the amplifier with a purely resistive load at all volume levels. This results in ruler -flat response across the entire audible frequency range and pure, uncompromised sound without any filtering of bass and treble. This design gives the Strauss Control the superior power handling ability to accommodate the full peak output power of any consumer -grade amplifier on the market.
Constructed of the same high -tech compound used in aerospace heat -resistant tiles, the Decora Strauss slide control offers a precision 12 -position switch including full OFF. The detachable cable connector is compatible with all standard speaker wire sizes (14 -18 gauge). Decora designer styling adds an elegant touch to any interior décor.
The new Decora Strauss volume control features a frequency response from
20Hz -20kHz +/ -1dB and peak power handling of 200 watts continuous /100W RMS and is compatible with speakers from 2 -16 Ohms. The standard color is white and an optional color change kit is also available. For more information, contact Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc., 59 -25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362 -2591 Phone: 1 -800 -323 -8920, www.leviton.com/lin.
Kevlar is a registered trademark of the E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

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