Sixth Annual T.H.E. SHOW, January 2004 Re -Cap

and planning The Home Entertainment Show Las Vegas 2005 ...........`the show designed by audiophiles for audiophiles`

"This may not have been the biggest T.H.E. Show but it was certainly the best", says Mike Maloney, CEO of The Home Entertainment Show. Many of the over 4,000 attendees of T.H.E. Show 2004 in January agreed. The convention was a tremendous success and to prove it, Maloney points out, almost 80 percent of those exhibiting this year have already signed early on for next years T.H.E. Show.

"This is the earliest we have ever begun marketing T.H.E. Show in its six -year existence", says Mike, "and it seems to be paying off. We have received nothing but praise for January's convention and everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon".

"Every element of T.H.E. Show 2004 seemed to work. Showcasing the group Misty River during T.H.E. Free Lunch and at the Von Schweikert exhibit, T.H.E. $30,000 Raffle got people talking and our wine -tasting Receptions really made this year's event work. That, and the fact that we are back at the St Tropez Hotel".

Many people have inquired about the results of T.H.E. Raffle and are in search of CDs by Misty River. "All that information can be found on our website", says Mike. "We had winners from all over the country and are tremendously proud of the reception given to the group Misty River." T.H.E. Show website can be located at www.the and the 2004 wrap -up can be found by going to "Show Info".

The history of The Home Entertainment Show has, at times, appeared tenuous, Mike agrees. Debuting in 1998, T.H.E. Show enjoyed great success each proceeding year, nearly doubling in size annually, up until 2001. "Of course", says Maloney, "9 -11 hit us as hard as it hit everyone, in the high -end audio industry". "The tragedy of September 11th, coupled with a few forced hotel relocations hurt us a great deal. But now we are back at the St. Tropez, stronger then ever and growing again."

In the year 2000, T.H.E. Show sold out the St Tropez and even had to add portable buildings behind the hotel to accommodate all of the exhibitors. "Unfortunately we had no where to expand at the St Tropez", says Mike. "Now, we do", he says.

Coupled with the smaller exhibit spaces at the St Tropez, T.H.E. Show also has a long -term contract with the Hotel San Remo, just a short 5 -minute Shuttle Bus ride from the Alexis Park -St Tropez area. "In order to compete", says Richard Beers, President of T.H.E. Show, "we have to be bigger and better than the big show. With the addition of the Hotel San Remo, we not only have the location benefit of the St Tropez but we now have the opportunity to expand tremendously over our situation in the year 2000. Between the two hotels, we currently have 18 larger exhibit suites measuring over 525 square feet in size and 130 smaller rooms with the opportunity to add more spaces in both categories." "In addition," says Beers "we will have the opportunity to house hundreds and hundreds of CES / T.H.E. Show attendees and exhibitors with expanded sleeping room blocks at the San Remo and its neighboring Hawthorn Suites hotel. Both hotels are extremely attractive mid -range hotels with a wide array of services and extremely desirable rates during this very expensive period in Las Vegas." "We estimate we will be able to house over 1,000 guests in 2005." "Oh, and did I mention free parking and our hassle -free freight policy?" adds Beers taking a good -natured jab at his competitors.

"This expansion," explains Mike Maloney, "also allows us the opportunity to lower our rates even further in 2005 than ever before." "It is unbelievable," says Mike "that our average price for our standard rooms is $1,000 less than what we charged in 2001 and some of our larger exhibit halls are nearly 50% less than last year." "We are also adding some smaller room exhibits at the San Remo that go for a remarkably low $977 when you factor in discounts being offered right now."

Further expansion plans, according to Maloney and Beers call for some construction of a few more large spaces at the San Remo if necessary, adding a Free Lunch and Entertainment to the San Remo venue and adding another shuttle bus or two to handle increased traffic. Richard Beers admits, "The first day or two of this year's T.H.E. Show it became evident we did not have enough busses, so we added one on the third day to keep up. We will be keeping an eye on this next year. If we are adding all these sleeping rooms and exhibit spaces at the Hotel San Remo," admits Beers "we are going to have to keep up with the increase in foot traffic and we are prepared to do so."

"For years", says Maloney, "we have been known as the little show next door or, even worse, T.H.E. Show no one could find. We have a long -range game plan to fix all of that now and become The Destination rather than the neighbor." "Our goal, all along, has been to make The Home Entertainment Show THE High -End Show and we now have all the pieces in place to make that happen".

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