Cyruslink™ sets new standard for multi -room audio at Bristol Hi -fi show.

Revolutionary new multi-room audio system that is Internet enabled and powered by XiVA™ technology.

CAMBRIDGE, UK Friday 20th February 2004 - Cyrus Electronics and Imerge Ltd of Cambridge UK today announced the launch of Cyruslink™, the revolutionary new multi -room audio system that is Internet enabled and powered by XiVA™ technology.

According to Peter Bartlett, Division Manager at Cyrus, "Cyruslink™ is the next generation in hard -disk multi -room audio systems. Cyrus has applied its extensive audio expertise to the latest hard -disk server and wireless technology to offer an unprecedented one -stop solution for whole house audio and control. The Cyrus LinkServer differentiates itself through high quality audio performance using in -built Q -DAC technology and high quality power supply technology and offers the largest uncompressed Hard Disk storage capacity available in the market today - the result is CD quality audio in every room of the house, all controlled from a single touch screen display. Because our Cyruslink components are designed to integrate seamlessly with our existing AV and audio components, Cyrus' consumers will enjoy true technology convergence, and the highest audio performance in the industry."

Cyruslink's flexible, upgradeable multi -room audio system comprises Linkserver, a state of the art, high performance digital audio server with 4 audio outputs, that can store the whole family's music, uncompressed, on the large 250GB hard disk drive. Linkserver can be expanded in up to 10 zones using optional Linkport in -room wireless network players. All CyrusLink components can be controlled by Linkwand software, which has been specially created to offer intuitive system control from a Pocket PC or Smart Display.

XiVA™ is the technology that powers the next generation of Internet connected Media Appliances and home networking products. Developed by Imerge, XiVA™ comprises software and hardware reference platforms to create a range of exciting home entertainment products including hard disk audio players, multi -room audio servers, AV Home Media centres, network audio receivers and A/V control applications. XiVA™ brings an extensive range of product solutions and technology licensing options to third party A/V manufacturers.

Steve Croft, Head of Technology Licensing at Imerge commented, "Cyrus has leveraged our XiVA™ technology to set a new benchmark in hard -disk based multi -room audio that others will find difficult to follow. They have raised the bar in terms of audio performance and quality and have taken wireless home audio networking to a completely new level. It is a real privilege to have XiVA™ associated with such a prestigious and reputable brand. "

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Company activities
Based in Cambridge, UK, Imerge develops Next Generation Home Networking and Media Appliance Technology (XiVA) for licensing and finished -product sales.

XiVA powers the next generation of hard disk based media appliances and blends hard disk technology, advanced software design and embedded Internet connectivity, to provide exciting new features and profitable new revenue streams. Audio, video, photos, text, graphics and all forms of streaming media are brought to life through a wealth of interactive user interface options.

More about Cyrus
Cyrus is based in Cambridgeshire, England from where we have been developing high performance hi -fi systems for 20 years. Today our upgradeable modular product range spans multi -room systems, Hard Disc audio servers, Home Theatre and one of the world's finest upgradeable hi -fi systems. Cyrus products are hand finished, half -size, die -cast alloy, enclosures and include a hidden digital command system that allows simple operation of any size system. The cutting edge design, modular upgradeability and outstanding performance are unique in the CE industry.

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