coNEXTion Systems introduces Z -Tool in zc Series for True NO TOOL Installation of ceiling speakers

coNEXTion Systems, Inc. introduces Z-tool™ and SnapLok™ for True Tool-Less Installation and The Direct Axis Extending Tweeter™ Technology for their zc product line of Ceiling Speakers


March 1, 2004

Nancy Weiner
Director of Marketing
Toll Free: 866 -310 -NEXT (6398)

Simi Valley, CA - coNEXTion Systems announced today a their zc Series speakers incorporating patent -pending technologies that allow for the safest and easiest Tool -Less installation of ceiling speakers and also the ability to get the ceiling speaker image down from the ceiling and "into the room". Five patents are currently pending on their first round of product offerings.

Z -Tool™ and SnapLok™ Installation... That's Right - NO TOOLS!

"While there has been some advancement in the ease of installation of ceiling speakers in the last few years, most are still difficult to install, and all require some tools to be balanced on the ladder by the installer." said Doug Wright, founder and President of coNEXTion systems. Even though some have been called "no tools," they still require a juggling act between the installer, his powered screwdriver and the ladder!" "To remedy the situation, we developed a patent pending installation system that truly requires absolutely no tools". The Z -Tool system for zero tool installation allows the frame to be mounted in the ceiling in 30 seconds or less without the use of any tools! This unique, proprietary mounting mechanism allows the installer to secure the speaker frame firmly against the drywall via four finger actuated "dogs" and latching levers without the usual powered screwdriver or drill.

coNEXTion also created the patent pending SnapLok baffle that drops into place, requiring no pre -alignment. A simple hook mechanism and three locking knobs snap the baffle into place and allows the installer to rotate the angled baffle into the proper position. So no more juggling screwdrivers or drills on the ladder. This method is safer, quicker and easier than any other ceiling speaker installation system currently on the market today.

Getting the Image to the Listener: The Angling Woofer and the Direct Axis Extending Tweeter™. "The second issue we looked at was focusing the soundstage from the ceiling position to the listener. A few ceiling speakers allow you to angle the woofer and/or tweeter toward the listener. However, the woofers only angle up to 15 and the tweeters up to 20, leaving the tweeters hidden behind the shadow of the speaker mounting frame. And most of the tilting tweeters create additional diffractions that muddy the sound. Even with all this rotational ability, the listener still can't acoustically "see" the tweeter."

Since the most important part of clarity in sound reproduction comes from the tweeter, being able to significantly affect its positioning makes the difference between dull, lifeless sound to natural, more engaging sonic reproduction. coNEXTion's ceiling speakers feature a unique design that solves this problem. First, coNEXTion designed the woofer so that it can be angled up to 20.

Then coNEXTion created the patent -pending 50 No Diffraction Angling Tweeter (that's 3.5 times
more than traditional tweeters), and The Direct Axis Extending Tweeter, that maintains the 50
angle and also can be extended approx 1' slightly below the ceiling to actually point down and towards
the listening position. While other companies have aiming/tilting devices for their speakers, no one
currently on the market has the ability to really get the ceiling image "down in to the room". When
combined with the 20 angling woofer, installers and consumers have the option of up to
70 of acoustic focusing control for the best "out -of -the -ceiling" image available today
from ceiling speakers.

The coNEXTion's debut product line features the zc Ceiling Speaker Series. All zc speakers employ coNEXTion's patent -pending Z -tool TM and Snaplok TM angling baffle system for true TOOL -FREE installation The zc Series includes six models: two 8" three -way versions and four 6.5 two -way versions

The z600c features a three -way all aluminum design using an 8" woofer with a 1.5" vc, a 1.5" midrange, and a 1" Direct Axis Extending Tweeter TM. Estimated SRP $600/ea.

The z500c features a three -way design using an 8" poly woofer with a 1.5" vc, a 1.5" cloth midrange, and a 1" silk dome Direct Axis Extending Tweeter. Estimated SRP $500/ea.

The z400c is a two -way design featuring a Carbon fiber 6.5" woofer with 1.25" vc and a 1" Aluminum Dome Direct Axis Extending Tweeter. Estimated SRP $400/ea.

The z300c is a two -way design featuring a Carbon fiber 6.5" woofer with 1.25" VC and a 1" Silk Dome Direct Axis Extending Tweeter. Estimated SRP $300/ea.

The z200c features a dual vc 6.5" poly driver with dual 1" silk dome, 20 no diffraction angling tweeters. FlexSpeak TM design can be wired for single point stereo, mono, or for use for surround speaker applications as a D2 directDiffuser TM -direct radiation woofer with diffuse radiation tweeters, the most flexibility out of a single SKU! Estimated SRP $250/ea.

The z100c is an entry level two -way model that features a 6.5" poly driver with a 1" silk dome 50 no diffraction angling tweeter. Estimated SRP $225/ea.

About coNEXTion Systems: With over 100 years of collective experience, a high profile sales and engineering group have come together to produce an ground -breaking line of ceiling and outdoor speakers for the new start -up loudspeaker manufacturer, coNEXTion Systems, Inc. The members of the coNEXTion Systems team have combined impressive acoustic and industrial design product experience, to produce the new coNEXTion architectural loudspeaker product lineup that is both highly innovative and highly profitable for the custom installation community. This group was often "behind the scenes" at numerous successful companies and includes Doug Wright, the award winning industrial designer of C/I and outdoor Speakers, the services of Vance Dickason Consulting, one of the foremost loudspeaker design consultants, and author of the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook, industry veteran Russ Swanson, and the product development and marketing consulting services of former Director of Sales and Marketing of Atlantic Technology, Nancy Weiner.
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For further information about coNEXTion Systems and its products, contact Nancy Weiner, Doug Wright, or visit us online at

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