M.D. Manufacturing Survey Reveals Central Vacuums Prompt Men to Vacuum More Often

Surprising Results Suggest Powerful New Whole-House Cleaning Systems Narrow the 'Housework Gap' Between Men and Women


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M.D. Manufacturing Survey Reveals Central Vacuums Prompt Men to Vacuum More Often

Surprising Results Suggest Powerful New Whole -House Cleaning Systems Narrow the 'Housework Gap' Between Men and Women

BAKERSFIELD, CA, Feb. 24, 2004 - - M.D. Manufacturing, Inc., an award -winning specialist in the design and manufacture of high -performance whole -house central vacuum systems, has announced the results of a recent nationwide survey which suggests that central vacuum systems may be lightening the housework burden women experience by encouraging men to more often share the chore of cleaning their homes.

Simply stated, the study reveals that central vacuums encourage men to vacuum more often, and that women are noticing the extra effort. It also indicates that children are likelier to help vacuum if the home is equipped with a central vacuum. The unexpected findings show that among users of M.D.'s technologically advanced central vacuum systems:

• 59 percent of women report more frequent vacuuming by the adult males in their households.

• 80 percent of men report more frequent vacuuming by themselves.

• 63 percent of all households also report their children vacuuming more frequently.

The results are provided with a 95 percent level of confidence.

"One reason for these results may be that central vacuums are more powerful, efficient and versatile than floor models," explains Grant Olewiler, General Manager of M.D. Manufacturing. "Some systems, like our new AirForce® Central Vacuum, can even be integrated into home automation systems and set to automatically turn off when a phone rings. These high -tech features appeal more to men, and may help them perceive the vacuums as they would a power tool, a muscle car or stereo power amp.

"Even in an age of increasing equality between the sexes," continued Mr. Olewiler, "most women would be delighted to learn that the simple purchase of a central vacuum could get their husbands doing some vacuuming. Most men do have a desire to help around the house, but many cleaning devices are designed primarily with women in mind.

"Central vacuum systems bridge this gap with gender -neutral designs that transform the vacuum into a technically advanced power tool that encourages use by making cleaning more effective and efficient. Wielding the hose of a central vacuum makes cleaning more productive and less tedious - especially compared with the weaker capabilities of the noisier portable vacuums still in widespread use."

The surprising findings have inspired M.D. Manufacturing to issue colorful T -shirts emblazoned with a vacuum -wielding male and the message: "Real Men Vacuum".

M.D. Manufacturing's central vacuum systems deliver up to five times the cleaning power of most portable vacuum cleaners, run more quietly, take less time to use, and are more convenient since they use a lightweight hose and power nozzle that connects to inlets throughout the home. They are also more versatile and able to vacuum any surface at any time with absolute ease - thanks to dozens of attachments for carpeting, wood and tile floors, draperies, furniture, crevices, corners, staircases, ceiling fans, mini -blinds, cars, and the like.

Based in Bakersfield, California, M.D. Manufacturing has long been acclaimed for the quality, performance, and engineering design of its central vacuum cleaning systems. Family -owned and operated since its founding by Charles Emdy in 1961, the company has created an array of central vacuum systems and accessories designed to serve the needs of custom installation professionals as well as residential and commercial customers.

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For further information about M.D. Manufacturing, the health benefits and other aspects of its unique products, visit the most comprehensive web site in the central vacuum industry: www.centralvacuum.com

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