Greyfox Systems Revolutionizes residential intercoms with the introduction of their Cat5 Intercom

Greyfox Systems is revolutionizing residential intercoms with the release of their Cat5-based Intercom.

Greyfox Systems is revolutionizing residential intercoms with the release of their Cat5 -based Intercom. Anchored by the new Greyfox Intercom Module, installers can now reduce their installation time and costs through using less expensive and easier to install CAT5 cabling that runs back to the structured wiring enclosure.

As a leading player in the structured wiring industry, Greyfox's unique insight into the world of residential technology allowed them to take a fresh approach to intercoms. Gone are the days of the large, intrusive main unit in the kitchen or family room. The Greyfox Intercom offers the next generation of home communications systems -a modern look that fits in a decorator opening, easy to wire with Cat5, and affordable for every home.

The Greyfox Intercom system supports up to 12 indoor locations, 2 outdoor locations and one main location. The unique design features hands free communication, monitor function at multiple stations simultaneously, and mute at every station. Optional accessories include an electronic chime and LCD color screen for camera monitoring.

"The Greyfox Intercom is a natural fit with structured wiring in the home", says Dan Tarkoff, General Manager of Greyfox Systems. "Our Intercom wires back to the Greyfox structured wiring enclosure to interface with other sub -systems within the home - like phone, audio & camera - offering a truly integrated home network. "

To enhance this integration, Greyfox has released an Audio Interrupt Module that overrides music playing on speakers throughout the home when intercom is activated/paging. Also released with the Greyfox Intercom is a cutting edge 4" LCD color screen from that interfaces with Greyfox's Cat5 Camera system to create a video phone at the front door. Rounding out the offering is a Telephone Interface Module that will bridge the phone, intercom and automation systems due out 4th Quarter 2003.

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About Greyfox Systems
Established in 1994, Greyfox Systems is a highly respected pioneer in the home networking market, and whose technology is the second -most installed in the industry today. Greyfox Systems produces and sells both structured wiring hubs and the underlying electronic and electrical components. Known for elegant and intelligent design, Greyfox Systems` technology is behind some of the largest names in the home networking industry. The products are also directly marketed through a growing network of motivated, experienced integrators under the Greyfox Systems label. Pass & Seymour, Greyfox Systems` parent company, is the North American arm of Legrand, a $2.6 billion manufacturer of electrical and low -voltage devices. Legrand acquired Greyfox in 2001.

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