ARTCOUSTIC DBO -1 Digital Bass Optimizer

The DBO-1 is a remarkable processor that improves the bass performance of any loudspeaker or subwoofer by using psychoacoustics to extend the apparent depth of the bass by as much as 1-1/2 octaves.


StJohn Group is pleased to announce the immediate availability of ARTCOUSTIC's DBO -1 Digital Bass Optimizer for use with all loudspeakers and subwoofers, regardless of brand or model. Based on the remarkable MaxxBass® technology from Waves Audio Ltd. and drawn from the latest research in psychoacoustics, the DBO -1 increases the perceived level of bass by adding harmonics to the original frequencies.

Now AV custom integrators can use the same bass enhancement technology that has long been used by studio musicians, recording engineers, and club DJs.

- Imagine adding an extra 1 to 2 octaves of perceived bass in a whole house music system without additional speakers or amplification.

- Add perceived bass to home theaters without disturbing occupants in other rooms, by reducing excess bass energy propagating into adjoining rooms, or neighbors' living spaces.

- Make a small subwoofer system sound like a much larger subwoofer system.

The DBO -1 is a cost -effective solution for improving the bass performance of any loudspeaker or subwoofer. This remarkable processor can extend the apparent depth of the bass by as much as 1 -1/2 octaves, without requiring the speaker or subwoofer to actually deliver those signals, and without requiring additional amplifier power. This allows you to improve the bass performance of your existing system, or purchase smaller speakers and amplifiers in the first place.

In commercial applications, the use of the DBO -1 on main speakers and subwoofers can result in significant savings on amplification. Even in -wall and in -ceiling speakers used for "background" music or PA applications deliver richer and deeper sound when used with the DBO -1.

The DBO -1 is as easy to install and use as a conventional equalizer. Just connect it between your stereo or two -channel audio source and power amplifier, then adjust the input, frequency, and output controls to taste.

The DBO -1 offers an easy and inexpensive way to experience extraordinary bass from smaller ARTCOUSTIC models, such as the Diablo Monitor, the DF65 -50, and the Diablo Active Subwoofer. When used with larger ARTCOUSTIC speakers, such as the DF75 -55, the DBO -1 can potentially eliminate the need for a separate subwoofer, depending on room size and the listener's expectations. Using the DBO -1 with ARTCOUSTIC's range of on -wall subwoofers will reduce amplifier power demands, while at the same time enhancing total bass output.

The DBO -1 is available now through ARTCOUSTIC AV dealers and integrators everywhere, at a suggested retail price of $600 in the U.S. The ARTCOUSTIC product line is available exclusively in North America through StJohn Group.

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