Screen Research Receives THX Certification for Acoustically Transparent, Moiré -Free Screen

ClearPix(TM)2 fabric is first acoustically transparent video projection screen designed for use with fixed-pixel projectors, and provides unmatched performance

February 6, 2004 - Mission Viejo, CA - Screen Research has received THX certification for its ClearPix2 fabric, which is used in its fixed and electric retractable video projection screens. Unlike traditional perforated screens, the acoustically transparent ClearPix screens require no compensation equalization for speakers placed behind them, and they do not introduce the comb filtering associated with perforations. In addition, the absence of perforations eliminates the moiré interference patterns that plague traditional perforated screens when they are used with fixed -pixel projectors (DLP, LCD, LCOS, D -ILA, etc.) As a result, home theater designers who use these popular projectors can now place the Center loudspeaker where it belongs - BEHIND the screen and at the proper height for optimum sound and image coherence.

THX certification is awarded to products that ensure accurate movie playback and deliver a home theater experience comparable in sound and picture quality to a movie -house presentation. Screen Research's ClearPix2 is the second acoustically transparent screen to receive THX certification, and the only screen for which compensation equalization is not required. The THX certification also ensures that ClearPix2 adheres to strict standards of color consistency, image uniformity across the projection surface, gain, and viewing angle.

"No screen we've tested to date matches the acoustical transparency of the Screen Research ClearPix2 fabric," says John Dahl, Technical Product Marketing Manager for THX Ltd. "Now more home theater enthusiasts will be able to enjoy the benefits of proper behind -the -screen placement of the center loudspeaker, with no degradation of audio or video performance."

With ClearPix, Screen Research makes it easier than ever to experience the ultimate home theater sound and picture, using any kind of video projector.

Screen Research offers the ClearPix2 fabric in fixed and electric retractable models, in standard and custom widths, and in matte white (0.95 gain) or pearl grey (0.75 gain). The fixed models employ a patented frame design. Instead of using snaps or Velcro®, the screen fabric is stretched evenly via self -tensioning V -shaped grooves. A spring tension insert grabs the fabric and locks it firmly into the frame with no bowing or creasing. The frame's flocked velour finish eliminates distracting stray light reflections.

Screen Research is also introducing its innovative XMaskT system for use with fixed screens. Sold in both 4 -way and 2 -way versions, the patent -pending XMask provides a perfectly black image border for viewing movies made in any image ratio. This produces a dramatic improvement in the viewing experience. Each mask section is driven by a separate motor for maximum flexibility and precision. The lateral vertical masks move horizontally to ensure a true cinema effect.

This press release, along with product literature and high -resolution photos are available for downloading from the StJohn Group web site. The Screen Research web site contains detailed product and technical information as well.

Designed and engineered in France, Screen Research screens are distributed and marketed in the Western Hemisphere by StJohn Group, Inc. Qualified consumers who wish to purchase will be directed to an authorized dealer. During the initial distribution development phase, and only if no authorized dealers exist in their area, consumers may also purchase directly through StJohn Group at suggested retail prices. Contact StJohn Group for details.

StJohn Group is a distribution and marketing company specializing in products and services for the custom integration (CI) market. The company's two founding partners - industry veterans John Caldwell and Kevin Leja - have more than 50 years experience in virtually every facet of the consumer electronics industry. StJohn Group is pioneering a New School approach to products and marketing strategies - one that will help move CI dealers closer to the mainstream of the home design market.

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