- Compact, Easy-to-Install Surround Cinema Speaker Systems Offer Stylish Design, Superb JBL Sound Quality and Flexible Installation Options -

8 January 2004

WOODBURY, NY - JBL, the leading manufacturer of professional and consumer loudspeakers, today announced the introduction of its SCS300 and SCS200 Surround Cinema Speaker systems, complete high -performance 7.1 -channel home theater loudspeaker packages that combine striking, distinctive styling with enhanced sound quality and exceptional installation flexibility. The SCS300 and SCS200 make it easy for consumers to enjoy the sonic benefits of today's state -of -the -art 7.1 -channel surround sound formats from compact, affordable loudspeaker systems that can be readily installed in any size room.

The JBL SCS300 and SCS200 Surround Cinema Speaker systems each include six satellite speakers, a center channel speaker and a powered subwoofer, along with multifunction mounting brackets for the satellites and all necessary cables.

Paul Bente, president of JBL Consumer Products, pointed out: "A growing number of consumers are seeking loudspeaker packages that make it simple to enjoy great home theater, while providing outstanding sound quality and complementing their home décor. Our SCS300 and SCS200 are the ideal solutions, offering the easiest and most affordable way for consumers to bring the musically accurate, dynamic, high -resolution JBL sound quality they experience in the cinema and concert hall right into their homes, with full compatibility with all popular 7.1 -, 6.1 - and 5.1 -channel surround sound formats."

Superlative Performance, Distinctively Elegant Design

The JBL SCS300 and SCS200 utilize upgraded drivers and components to provide superlative sound quality with wide frequency response and a natural tonal balance, and have the capability of operating at higher volume levels with exceptionally low distortion. Both systems' satellite speakers and dedicated center channels feature larger, 3 -1/2 -inch premium -quality PolyPlas™ woofers and 3/4 -inch titanium -laminate tweeters, delivering richer, more powerful and enveloping surround sound with outstanding detail, imaging and clarity.

Both systems include powered subwoofers with much higher power output than subwoofers that are typically included in compact home theater loudspeaker packages. As a result, both subwoofers deliver highly powerful and articulate bass response. The SCS300 subwoofer features a high -excursion 10 -inch woofer and built -in 200 -watt amplifier in a tuned -port enclosure; the SCS200 subwoofer includes an 8 -inch woofer and built -in 100 -watt amplifier.

The satellites, center channel speakers and subwoofers in both systems are perfectly matched sonically to reproduce even demanding multichannel movie soundtracks and high -resolution music discs with impact, authority and realism, along with a seamless, immersive 360 -degree soundfield.

Although compact, the shielded, two -way satellite speakers in the SCS300 and SCS200 systems provide the accurate, high -resolution sound quality that has made JBL the most -respected name in high -fidelity sound worldwide. The satellites in the SCS300 system employ an advanced -technology 1/2 -inch titanium -laminate tweeter and dual 3 -1/2 -inch woofers to provide a detailed midrange and clear, open highs, along with wide dispersion and smooth tonal balance. The SCS300's dedicated center channel speaker utilizes a 3/4 -inch titanium -laminate tweeter mounted between dual 3 -1/2 -inch woofers, delivering maximum clarity for dialogue and center channel effects.

The SCS200 system's satellite speakers feature a 3/4 -inch titanium -laminate tweeter and 3 -1/2 -inch woofer, while its center channel speaker employs a 3/4 -inch titanium -laminate tweeter and dual 3 -1/2 -inch woofers.

To accommodate any receiver, the SCS300's 10 -inch, 200 -watt subwoofer and the SCS200's 8 -inch, 100 -watt subwoofer provide a full complement of controls and connection options. Features include a level control, LFE (low -frequency effects) and line -level inputs, and speaker -level inputs and outputs, along with an Auto Power -On/Off function that enables the subwoofers to automatically turn on from standby mode when an audio signal is present, and switch to standby mode when a signal is not present.

Both systems offer exceptional installation flexibility - the satellites are equipped with unique, multifunction swivel -brackets that enable them to be wall -, shelf - or stand -mounted - for optimum positioning in any size and shape room. The satellites are compatible with popular mounting hardware available from manufacturers such as Sanus® and OmniMount®, and optional floor stands are also available. The systems are supplied with all necessary cables to connect the speakers and subwoofer to an A/V receiver.

The SCS300 and SCS200 are also ideal for use in 5.1 -channel systems using four of the satellites. When the user is ready to upgrade to a 7.1 - or 6.1 -channel receiver, he or she will already have the extra, perfectly matched satellite speakers on hand to complete the system.

The JBL SCS300 and SCS200 are as stunning in appearance as they are in performance. The satellites and center channel speakers feature uniquely shaped enclosures with subtly curved surfaces finished in rich charcoal with platinum trim accents, and the subwoofer is finished in matching charcoal. The systems' overall look is high -tech, ultramodern and totally distinctive.

The JBL SCS300 and SCS200 Surround Cinema Speaker systems will be available in spring 2004 at suggested retail prices of $649.95 and $549.95, respectively. Optional floor stands are also available for both systems. The SCS300 and SCS200 join the currently available SCS160SI and SCS136SI systems to create a complete lineup of value -priced, compact high -performance home theater loudspeaker packages.

The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high -fidelity loudspeakers, audio and video components and multimedia systems for use in homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group's brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

HCSG is a division of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Harman International (www.harman.com) is a leading manufacturer of high -quality, high -fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the consumer and professional markets. The company's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "HAR."

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