- Innovative Receiver Provides 480p Progressive-Scan Component Video Output From Analog Video Sources, and Incorporates Industry's Most Advanced Features -

8 January 2004

WOODBURY, NY - At CES 2004, Harman Kardon once again redefines high -performance audio/video receiver design with the introduction of its AVR 7300 - the company's first receiver to include built -in video scaling and advanced digital video processing. Achieving a breakthrough in A/V receiver functionality, the 7.1 -channel AVR 7300 utilizes a Faroudja® integrated processor with patented DCDi® (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) technology to provide 480p progressive -scan video output from connected interlaced 480i video sources, with extraordinary image quality.

Designed to deliver the ultimate home theater experience, the AVR 7300 is the flagship of Harman Kardon's 2004 AVR Series audio/video receiver lineup. Along with its innovative video capabilities, it incorporates a full complement of leading -edge technologies, such as a Quadruple -Crossover Bass -Management System and Dolby* Pro Logic* IIx surround decoding. The AVR 7300 also features bi -directional RS -232 connectivity with software and firmware upgradeability, assignable HDTV -compatible, wide -bandwidth component video inputs and A/V Sync Delay, and many other refinements.

"The introduction of the AVR 7300 represents one of the most important advances in receiver engineering since Harman Kardon created the first high -fidelity receiver 50 years ago, as it offers consumers an entirely new range of options for connecting and enjoying video -based home entertainment sources," said Tom McLoughlin, Harman Kardon president. "The AVR 7300 provides dramatically improved picture quality from analog source components such as analog cable boxes, older interlaced -video DVD players and VCRs, along with the highest -possible levels of performance from HDTV and digital video sources. In addition, the AVR 7300 offers exceptional audio quality and control flexibility, making it ideal for the most sophisticated high -end home theater systems and custom installations."

Advanced Video Processing Delivers Superlative Picture Quality

The Harman Kardon AVR 7300 is one of the first receivers to include built -in advanced digital video processing and scaling, providing upconverted and enhanced 480p progressive -scan component video output from 480i interlaced video sources when the receiver is connected to a compatible display device. The AVR 7300 utilizes the industry -leading Faroudja 2300 integrated digital video processor, which incorporates exclusive DCDi, video decoding and image enhancement technologies to yield extraordinary picture quality that is sharp, clear and virtually free from color and motion artifacts. The DCDi circuitry provides exceptionally smooth rendition of angled lines and edges, without the visible jagged characteristics produced by other types of deinterlacing circuits.

In addition, the processor accurately reconstructs the 3/2 pull -down process used in the transfer of film material to video, delivering full 60 -frame playback with the best -possible progressive -scan image quality when viewing film -based content. It also provides high -quality aspect ratio conversion for viewing standard 4:3 images on widescreen 16:9 video displays, or 16:9 program material on 4:3 displays. The Faroudja circuitry offers additional benefits, to deliver the most natural and realistic images from 480i sources, with superlative detail and contrast.

Because the AVR 7300's Faroudja DCDi scaling and processing is far superior to the progressive -scan circuitry used in many DVD players, the receiver will provide significant picture quality improvements if such DVD players are connected to the AVR 7300, using their interlaced rather than progressive -scan mode, to take advantage of the Faroudja processing. The processing may also be bypassed to enable HDTV and other high -resolution video signals to pass through the receiver's high -bandwidth, assignable 100MHz component -video outputs with full 480p, 720p and 1080i resolution.

High -Current, Ultrawide -Bandwidth Amplification for Exceptional Sound Quality

The AVR 7300 is engineered to deliver the exceptional sound quality that is the hallmark of every
Harman Kardon audio/video receiver. The AVR 7300 utilizes high -current, ultrawide -bandwidth amplifier sections with discrete output devices - a cornerstone of Harman Kardon receiver technology. This superior amplifier topology reproduces digital movie soundtracks and high -resolution music discs with exceptional fidelity and dynamic authority even into difficult -to -drive loudspeakers, with more accurate frequency response in the audible range, lower distortion, superior phase linearity and increased high -frequency headroom.

The AVR 7300 delivers massive power output of 7 x 110 watts (into 8 ohms, 20Hz - 20kHz, <0.07% THD, all channels driven, 125 watts x 2 in stereo), with a remarkable ±75 amps of high -current capability, to effortlessly drive even the most demanding loudspeaker loads to generous volume levels. Reliable operation and maximum efficiency is assured without the need for noisy cooling fans under even the most demanding operational conditions, through the use of custom -designed heatsinks.

The Industry's Most Advanced Bass -Management Capabilities

In order to provide maximum sonic performance, today's satellite/subwoofer loudspeaker systems and high -resolution multichannel source components must be used in conjunction with an A/V receiver that enables them to deliver at their full potential. This is especially true for players with DVD -Audio and/or SACD capability, which often lack proper internal audio bass -management and redirection facilities.

The AVR 7300 receiver provides comprehensive bass -management capabilities to optimize the performance of the source components and loudspeakers in a multichannel home entertainment system. It features a Quadruple -Crossover Bass Manager, allowing selection from among six different crossover frequencies for the front L/R, center, surround L/R and surround back L/R speakers, to tailor the audio output fed to each set of speakers and yield the optimum frequency response and performance from all the speakers in a 7.1 -channel system.

The Quadruple -Crossover Bass -Management System is much more precise and comprehensive than those available from most competitive receivers and DVD players, which have more limited crossover filtering options or none at all. Moreover, different speaker -size configurations may be set for different input sources, enabling them to be optimized for music or movie soundtrack playback. The AVR 7300's Quadruple -Crossover Bass -Management System also operates in conjunction with the receiver's 8 -channel analog direct inputs provided for connection to a DVD -Audio, SACD or universal player. The AVR 7300 offers the option of either passing their outputs through a direct "bypass" mode or digitizing them so the Bass -Management System may be used, to obtain best sonic performance from a source component that does not have internal bass management.

Total Surround Sound Versatility

The AVR 7300 is designed to deliver state -of -the -art surround sound performance. It is among the first home theater receivers to include Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing, which provides a natural, expansive, full -range 7.1 -channel listening experience from stereo and 5.1 -channel -encoded sources. Dolby Virtual Speaker and Dolby Headphone processing are also included, which yield a convincing surround sound environment from two loudspeakers and from headphones, respectively. The AVR 7300 also handles all other popular surround formats with ease, such as Dolby Digital EX and Dolby Digital, all DTS® modes, including 6.1 DTS -ES® Discrete, DTS -ES Matrix, DTS Neo:6® (Cinema 6.1/5.1 and Music 6.1/5.1) and the latest DTS 96/24 high -resolution audio technology. It also features built -in MP3 decoding, and High Definition Compatible Digital® (HDCD®) processing to deliver the best -possible CD playback quality.

The AVR 7300 incorporates proprietary Logic 7® audio technologies developed by Harman International to deliver improved multichannel reproduction from both matrix -encoded and two -channel stereo recordings with derived stereo decoding (unlike the mono decoding provided by other 6.1 formats) for the back surround channels. Logic 7 is compatible with 96kHz sources and offers two listening modes, Cinema and Music, for improved playback of both matrix -encoded movie soundtracks and two -channel music recordings. The sonic result is better imaging and separation along with a greater sense of envelopment and a more seamless sound field. The receiver also incorporates Harman International's patented VMAx® Virtual Theater audio processing, a DSP method of producing realistic, high -fidelity, three -dimensional, 360 -degree surround sound audio from two -channel stereo and matrix -encoded multichannel audio sources, using just two loudspeakers or headphones.

To achieve its exceptional audio performance with superior resolution, channel separation and dynamic range, the AVR 7300 utilizes audiophile -quality 24 -bit/192kHz audio D/A converters and the latest Cirrus Logic® 24 -bit, dual -core DSP with 32 -bit post -processing.

Ultimate Connectivity for Custom Installations and Home Entertainment Systems

The AVR 7300 provides the most advanced connectivity and installation flexibility of any available audio/video receiver, with a comprehensive array of digital and analog audio and video connections and control options.

Complementing its innovative digital video upconversion capabilities, the AVR 7300's component video inputs offer a high degree of connection flexibility. The AVR 7300 includes assignable, wide -bandwidth 100MHz, HDTV -compatible, component video switching, enabling two of its three component video inputs to be assigned to any video input source with the third permanently assigned to the DVD input. Because the AVR 7300 provides component video upconversion for all S -Video and composite video signals, it can be connected to a compatible TV set or video display device using just a single set of component video cables, simplifying connection options and avoiding the need to change inputs on the display device. Unlike many receivers, the AVR 7300's on -screen display can be viewed via the component video outputs.

In addition, the receiver features an A/V Sync Delay function that compensates for the delay between the audio and video signals that can occur when digital video sources, external video processors or digital video displays are in use. It also features multiple S -Video and composite video inputs and outputs, and automatically downconverts S -Video signals to parallel composite video output simultaneously to simplify connection options and ensure connectivity with all televisions.

Adding to its functionality, the AVR 7300 features a bi -directional RS -232 port - a significant improvement over audio/video components with one -way RS -232 capability - enabling two -way communication between components in custom installations with integrated system control. In conjunction with extensive flash -memory capacity, the RS -232 port also ensures that the AVR 7300 is ready for the future by enabling software and firmware upgradeability for the addition of new surround sound formats or other capabilities.

Along with unsurpassed video connectivity, the AVR 7300 offers a comprehensive selection of digital and analog audio connections, including multiple coaxial and optical digital audio inputs and outputs. It also features 6/8 -channel direct audio inputs and 7.1 -channel preamp outputs, plus digital and analog front -panel inputs. Exclusive to Harman Kardon, the AVR 7300's front -panel audio/video and coaxial digital audio inputs can be switched to also function as record outputs to facilitate connecting a camcorder, CD recorder, VCR, portable audio product or other component for either playback or recording.

The receiver includes many additional advanced features, such as a slot -mounted tuner that may be upgraded at a future date to accommodate future DAB systems such as HD Radio™, and a Listener Preference System that allows users to set the surround mode according to the program source; it also enables setting speaker -channel levels for each program source and DSP format (for example, the subwoofer level can be set differently for multichannel movie viewing and two -channel CD music listening).

Versatile Remote Control Capabilities

The AVR 7300 includes Harman Kardon's versatile two -line LCD remote control with ™ (patent no. 5,386,478) automatic speaker -level calibration. The preprogrammed, learning remote's highly legible LCD display and logically grouped controls provide easy operation and access to all functions. Advanced capabilities include macro programming and easy, direct programming of the remote by using product brand names instead of code numbers. The remote's convenient volume "punch through" feature maintains volume control of the receiver even when it is being used to operate another audio/video component.

The remote also includes Harman Kardon's EzSet feature, which provides a built -in sound -pressure -level calibration system that enables the user to automatically balance speaker -channel levels for optimum surround sound listening, regardless of the speaker complement or room conditions. Setting speaker levels is one of the most critical adjustments for proper movie -soundtrack reproduction, and the EzSet feature makes the process accurate and virtually foolproof for maximum sonic benefits. In the manual mode, the LCD display allows the remote to be used as a direct readout SPL (sound -pressure level) meter for even more precise output -level adjustment.

Advanced Multizone/Multiroom Functionality

For multiroom versatility, the AVR 7300 features amplifier sections with assignable back surround channels, enabling it to be configured for either 7.1 or 5.1 -plus -stereo dual -zone operation. It can be used in full
7.1 -channel mode, or switched to 5.1 -channel operation to power the main room system, with the remaining (back surround) channels used to drive the stereo audio channels in a second room. In this configuration, the loudspeakers in both the main -room 5.1 system and the second -room audio system can be fed by two separate audio sources. For example, viewers in the main room can watch a DVD movie in 5.1 -channel surround sound, while listeners in another room can simultaneously enjoy video and stereo audio from another source, such as a CD player or the receiver's tuner. The AVR 7300 also provides separate audio and video outputs for the second zone, enabling it to be powered with external amplifiers such as the Harman Kardon PA 4000 or PA 2000.

The AVR 7300 also incorporates the A -BUS Ready® system for easy multiroom connectivity without the need for external amplifiers. The A -BUS® system utilizes a standard Cat.5 Ethernet cable to connect to an RJ -45 jack on the receiver's rear panel in one room, and to a Harman Kardon AB 1 A -BUS -compatible amplifier/control module in two separate rooms. The AB 1 remote module provides stereo audio amplification along with local volume control, and has a built -in IR sensor that is used with the standard AVR Zone II remote, to control the receiver as well as other compatible Harman Kardon source components.

Striking, Distinctive Industrial Design

The AVR 7300 features the striking new industrial design that sets Harman Kardon audio/video receivers apart from all others - a stunning, high -tech look that is elegant and distinctive, and perfectly matches Harman Kardon's audio/video components and loudspeakers as well as home entertainment systems based around plasma displays and contemporary TV sets. The AVR 7300 incorporates a gloss -black upper panel, a volume control surrounded by blue illumination, a contrasting silver panel and a two -line dot -matrix display. The lower front panel features a drop -down door which conceals all but the most -used controls.

The Harman Kardon AVR 7300 will be available in March 2004 at a suggested retail price of $2,199.

The AVR 7300 joins the currently available models in Harman Kardon's AVR Series lineup, to create the industry's most comprehensive selection of high -performance audio/video receivers for every home entertainment application. Other AVR Series models include the 7.1 -channel AVR 630 (SRP: $1,299), winner of an Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Award, plus the 7.1 -channel AVR 430 (SRP: $999) and AVR 330 (SRP: $799), the 6.1 -channel AVR 230 (SRP: $549) and the 5.1 -channel AVR 130 (SRP: $449).

The Harman Consumer Systems Group (HCSG) is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high -fidelity loudspeakers, audio and video components, and multimedia systems for use in homes and automobiles, and with computers. The group's brands include JBL, Infinity, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson, Revel, Audioaccess and Lexicon.

HCSG is a division of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Harman International (www.harman.com) is a leading manufacturer of high -quality, high -fidelity audio products and electronic systems for the consumer and professional markets. The company's stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol "HAR."

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Faroudja and DCDi are registered trademarks of Genesis Microchip, Inc.

VMAx is a registered trademark of Harman International Industries, Incorporated, and is an implementation of Cooper Bauck Transaural Stereo under patent license.

*Trademarks of Dolby Laboratories.

DTS, DTS -ES and DTS Neo:6 are registered trademarks of Digital Theater Systems, Inc.

High Definition Compatible Digital and HDCD are registered trademarks of Pacific Microsonics, Inc.

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