Compex bests its own reputation of feature heavy products with new wireless router NP26G

Compex has designed a wireless broadband router with the capability to provide an even wider array of networking solutions for the SOHO market.

Anaheim, CA - January 7, 2004 - Compex, a rising leader in the networking and connectivity industry, just released its new 802.11g wireless broadband router, NetPassage 26G. Compex has developed an exciting and conversation -inspiring feature, which sets the NP26G apart. The NP26G includes two USB ports, which are able to support a printer, a PC web cam or a tracker pod. This allows a user to use the router as a wired or wireless print server and a wired or wireless camera server.

NP26G also features Compex's Nitro technology, a feature that is most popular for mixed environments. Due to the reality that office and home networks are almost entirely in mixed settings, this feature is extremely beneficial. In a mixed environment of 802.11b and g products, g product speed is compromised because the router must compensate for the slower speed b products. Nitro technology improves this dilemma by using "packet bursting", which sends twice the amount of packets within one frame. By using this method, no channels are compromised, as they often are with super g or enhanced g technology, so possible interference will not reduce speed once again. Thanks to Compex's Nitro technology speed is improved within a mixed environment by 300%.

Another useful feature on the NP26G is wireless Pseudo VLAN. Wireless Pseudo VLAN is a feature that is wonderful for ensuring privacy for sensitive data or simply making a network more efficient. Compex's wireless Pseudo VLAN feature allows a user to set different network clients allowed access to or awareness of specific network folders through the computer management feature, which is also included on NP26G. The NP26G allows up to 10 computers to be in a wireless VLAN group with up to four groups.

The NP26G has yet another feature called Wireless Distribution System (WDS). NP26G supports WDS, which extends the wireless network by repeating only intended broadcast traffic. Unlike the traditional wireless repeater, the WDS system will not drastically reduce the data transfer repeater. WDS is extremely beneficial for extending wireless the network without sacrificing transfer rate.

A generous amount of general features are included on Compex's NetPassage 26G as well. NP26G comes with four 10/100Mbps ports expandable for 253 users. It has a 2dbi external antenna for added reception and extended range. A NAT Firewall prevents any external parties from acquiring a direct connection with the private network. For further control, users have URL Filtering on the NP26G in order to choose personally which websites are objectionable to them.

The NetPassage 26G is available through and other major resale and distribution channels. The MSRP is 149.49 USD.

COMPEX is a market -driven leader in the networking and wireless connectivity industry. Compex designs, develops, and manufacturers integrative end -user and enterprise level products to fulfill broadband, wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and IRDA solution needs. Compex seeks to address and fulfill market demands with relevant and innovative solutions. Compex products are available through a large network of distributors, resellers, on/off line retailers, and catalogs. Further information on Compex products can be found at

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