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Environ II measures only 1/16" in height. The ultra thin construction makes Environ II thin and flexible enough to be installed between a carpet and its pad or under laminate wood without impacting floor height.

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October 24, 2003


Lake Zurich, Illinois, October 20, 2003," WarmlyYours", the country's leading manufacturer of electric floor heating systems today announced the introduction of Environ II, an innovative, new micro thin heating system designed for use under carpeting and laminate wood floors.

Targeted at combating the burgeoning "cold room" zone heating problem effecting over 70% of all U.S. homes, the Environ II system is designed for easy installation by carpet professionals and flooring specialists. Focusing on the advantages and principles of radiant heating, Environ II fills an entire room with even, comfortable heat virtually eliminating any cold spots created by conventional heating systems.

"The system's design is 100% solution driven," says Julia Stalfort, "WarmlyYours" Operations Manager and co -owner. "We wanted to introduce a product that would solve zone heating problems one "room at a time", regardless of shape or size, without the expense or visual clutter of adding additional ductwork and/or baseboard heating units. The development of an ultra thin heating mat that can be assembled and installed by carpet and laminate installers fit the bill perfectly." It appears that homeowners and flooring dealers agree, as sales of Environ II have already begun to mushroom, and the line has been recently taken on by the 2,000 store Carpet One flooring chain.

What make`s Environ II so unique is its installation flexibility. Manufactured in multiple size heating mats consisting of looped heating coils sandwiched between 4 layers of foil, the resulting system measures only 1/16" in height. The ultra thin construction makes Environ II thin and flexible enough to be installed between a carpet and its pad or under laminate wood without impacting floor height. Installers simply follow the free custom room diagram provided with each system when placing the mats. Once in position, the leads from each mat are connected to a 120 -volt electrical circuit and 7 -day programmable thermostat. A qualified electrician should be used for final electrical connection.
Beyond the installation and radiant heating benefits, Environ II owners will find their systems to be 100% maintenance free and extremely economical to operate. With no moving parts to wear out or filters to change, the system virtually operates itself once the thermostat has been programmed; simply set the thermostat and forget about it. Equally impressive is the system's average cost of just 58 cents a day to warm an ample size 16' x 20' room, even when employing a full 10 -hour on cycle. It seems that radiant heat fills the entire room with warmth from the floor up, eliminating the lower "cold air zone" created by traditional heating systems.

Studies show that heating is the single largest energy expense for most homeowners, accounting for almost two -thirds of annual energy bills in colder areas of the country. The Environ II system's ability to warm a home from the floor up produces evenly heated rooms that are not only more comfortable to live in, but more energy efficient to maintain at the desired comfort level. In addition to delivering a reduction in annual energy expense, Environ II also reduces the levels of dust, pollen and mold spread by conventional forced air heating systems, making your home a more healthy place in which to live.

"Rolling Out" the first quarter of 2004 will be a web based product, sales, and installation Learning Center called the "WarmlyYours" University where dealers and installation contractors can access technical information and earn company certification. Individuals interested in obtaining additional information on UL approved Environ II electric floor heating systems, or TempZone, the company's companion product for under ceramic tile and natural stone installations, may contact Julia Stalfort at 1 -800 -875 -5285, Ext 801 or by Email at jstalfort@warmlyyours.com.

Dealers and contractors can log onto www.warmlyyours.com now to access everything from general product information and performance specifications, to detailed installation manuals and automated room planers.

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