CasaWorks Showed off Cielo HOme Managment System at CES

Powerful, Innovative System Controls Home Electronics via PDA, PC, Web Pad, or Wireless Remote Control

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 7, 2004) - - CasaWorks, a division of Metrics Technology, Inc., showcased the Cielo™ Home Management System at the 2004 International Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Cielo is a new hardware and software -based solution that gives homeowners the intelligence and functionality of traditional high -end home control and automation systems in an affordable, easy to use, and reliable system.

"After several years of experience working with custom proprietary home automation systems, we're convinced that there is a need for a next -generation technology that will provide a rich feature set but at a lower cost, bringing total home management to more homeowners," said Michael Arendall, president and CEO of CasaWorks. "The cost of computing devices used to implement these systems continues to drop and over the next few years there should be a wide variety of products available for controlling and monitoring the home and its appliances. We think Cielo will be at the forefront of this movement, providing seamless integration and the ability to easily customize the home's systems to suit the lifestyle of the homeowner, without the complicated programming or installation issues and expense associated with current high -end custom products."

Cielo, pronounced "cee -ell -o," is the Spanish word for "sky," and with the Cielo Home Management System, the sky is the limit. It allows homeowners to control their household electronics, including lighting, climate, security, and entertainment systems, using Pocket PC PDAs, Tablet PCs, Web Pads based on Windows XP and Windows CE .NET, RF -programmable wireless programmable remote controls, and Windows PCs running Windows XP or Windows 2000. Users can specify their preferences, which are recorded by Cielo to manage the home's systems. Cielo supports a variety of wireless and wired standards, including infrared, X10, TCP/IP, HTTP, UPnP, S -Link™, Z -Wave™, WiFi, Bluetooth®, RS -232, RS -422, and RS -485.

The Cielo Home Management System will be able to integrate with CasaWorks' upcoming products, Medio S -Series Digital Media Server and Medio Client Modules, to provide multi -room distributed audio and video over CAT5/6 wiring. It also integrates with CasaWorks' MedioCafe™ media manager software, which contains a media database that automatically catalogs CDs, DVDs, MP3s, and other media. Users can search by genre, title, or artist through an innovative filtered search algorithm that provides context -sensitive results.

Cielo combines camera control and viewing with motion detection and object tracking. The Cielo Home Management System sends video from a security camera or other type of camera to any supported user interface. Cielo uses a technology called SenseNetTM that combines hardwired and wireless sensors, setting up a network of inputs to sense the occupancy, position, movement, and direction of the user. SenseNet automatically determines where the user is in the home and executes behaviors and displays the appropriate controls. The network can be activated automatically for a given user and is context sensitive, controlling devices and displaying the relevant interface or information to the user exactly when it's needed. SenseNet works with a variety of sensors, including temperature, humidity, light level, water detection, water level, heat, CO2 detection, and passive infrared sensors.

The Cielo Home Management System controls a variety of home lighting systems, including Lutron RadioRA, HomeWorks Interactive, LiteTouch, and others, via the Cielo Home Gateway. It can combine lighting with security systems, so all the lights inside a house can turn on and the outdoor lights can flash when an alarm event occurs. Lighting systems can integrate with CasaWorks' Medio S -series Digital Media Servers so the lights can dim when a user starts a movie and turn back on when the movie ends or is paused. Lights can also be configured to gradually illuminate in the morning while music plays from the Medio Server and the window shades rise.

The Cielo Home Management System controls several popular security panels including DSC and GE Interlogix (Caddx) panels supporting RS -232 or similar controls. Users can select Home and Away arming modes from any supported user interface. Cielo will monitor user access and send an e -mail notification when the system is armed or disarmed. Security can be controlled from a simple integrated user interface via a Web browser. Cielo provides biometric interfaces including face recognition and support for fingerprint readers. Access control and personalized home behaviors can be activated based on recognition of each user.

Cielo controls thermostats from RCS, Aprilaire, and other thermostat makers. Users can set temperature points for when the house is occupied and unoccupied, and turn off the HVAC system automatically in case any smoke is detected. Multiple thermostats and temperature sensors can be combined on the CasaWorks' SenseNet™ control network and controlled and monitored from a single user interface.

Cielo comes with out -of -the -box functionality that can be easily customized by installers with little or no programming. All user interfaces can be implemented using standard HTML and then linked to behaviors for the home systems. The Cielo Home Management System includes selections for most typical home automation tasks. The software facilitates simple installation by providing network transparency and auto -discovery of system components. Software updates can be performed from a laptop computer or over the Internet without having to reboot the system. Built for reliability using an embedded computer, Cielo is designed for extended hours of operation without service.

All Cielo Home Management System components are housed in audio/video component style cases designed to fit into a standard 19" equipment rack. The cases are precision machined from thick aircraft -grade aluminum plate. Each component provides high quality, hand -crafted construction and is available in black or silver. Cielo is made 100% in the USA.

The Cielo Home Management System will be available around the end of Q1 2004 through Cielo -authorized dealers and integrators.

About CasaWorks
CasaWorks is an embedded hardware and software innovator and the developer of the Cielo Home Management System, with more than 15 years of experience working with software and hardware automation systems in commercial applications. CasaWorks is now focusing on the emerging technologies necessary to implement automation in homes. For more information, see the CasaWorks Web site at

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