VOOM Now Totals 30 HD Channels With Addition of NFL Network and Playboy TV in HD; Significantly More HD Offerings Than Any Other Satellite or Cable Provider Introduces Ground-Breaking Whole House Solution Built Specifically For HD Programming


VOOM Now Totals 30 HD Channels With Addition of NFL Network and Playboy TV in HD;

Significantly More HD Offerings Than Any Other Satellite or Cable Provider

Introduces Ground -Breaking Whole House Solution Built Specifically For HD Programming

LAS VEGAS, N.V., January 8, 2004 - Rainbow DBS, Cablevision Systems Corporation's satellite division, today announced four additions to VOOM's HD lineup - NFL Network, Playboy TV, STARZ! HD East and STARZ! HD West - bringing its total to 30 HD channels, far more HD programming than any other satellite or cable provider. In addition, Rainbow DBS introduces the VOOM HD Home Media Network, a groundbreaking whole house solution designed specifically for HD programming, which is expected to roll out this summer.

Mickey Alpert, chief operating officer of Rainbow DBS said, "Today's announcement is a natural progression of Rainbow DBS's commitment to deliver the latest in HD content and technology to its customers. For those who have already made a substantial investment in high -definition technology and the 40 million consumers who are expected to own HDTV sets within the next few years, Rainbow DBS is one step closer to ensuring they will now have access to the most HD programming offered anywhere combined with ultimate viewing control - all in one package."

Fact: More HD Programming Than Anyone Else

In addition to its existing HD channels - which include Discovery HD Theater, Showtime East and West and The Movie Channel - VOOM is continuing to team up with leading HD programmers. The following HD offerings will be added throughout the coming months.

NFL Network:
VOOM and NFL Network will deliver to millions of football fans a high -definition dimension to the NFL experience 24 hours a day. Viewers get insight directly from team headquarters, league offices and anywhere else the NFL is making news.

Playboy TV:
In addition to being able to watch today`s top films and sports action in HD, VOOM and Playboy TV will offer its customers the ultimate in HD adult entertainment. VOOM customers will have access to Playboy TV original programming exclusively in HD as well as Spice Digital Networks' content in HD.

STARZ! HD East and STARZ! HD West:
VOOM customers experience feature films the way they were meant to be experienced - in high -definition. And now, with the additions of STARZ! HD East and STARZ! HD West, VOOM customers will have access to even more of today`s hottest films including: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, About Schmidt, Anger Management, and Austin Powers in Goldmember.

VOOM already features an exclusive VOOM package of 21 commercial -free HD channels created by Rainbow Media Holdings LLC. Rainbow Media is the Cablevision programming subsidiary that launched such successful cable channels as AMC, IFC (The Independent Film Channel), WE: Women's Entertainment, Fuse, News 12 Networks and Bravo, which was later sold to NBC.

The exclusive VOOM HD channels from Rainbow Media are:
- HD Cinema 10 - Ten different film channels that offer the largest selection of HD movies available anywhere.
- Monsters - Scary movies taken to the next level by the power of HDTV.
- Epics - A cinematic celebration of the silver screen with magnificent stories and music, all about heroes, noble journeys and the triumphant human spirit.
- World Sport - Close -up sports action from every corner of the globe, including exclusive HD coverage of the Spanish league soccer, featuring Real Madrid with David Beckham.
- Rush HD - Heart -pounding, in -your -face, extreme sports like skydiving, snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding.
- Rave HD - All -music, all -the -time; plus concert performances by top artists with incomparable resolution and audio clarity.
- Ultra HD - Direct from the fashion and food capitals of the world, enjoy the hottest trends in what to wear, where to go and how to find the best dining on the planet.
- Treasure HD - Capturing the amazing world of collectibles and collectors, meet these eclectic personalities from the most knowledgeable to the merely curious.
- Gallery HD - Exploring the world's greatest museums, art galleries and architecture, with HD detail and clarity unseen anywhere else on television.
- Animania - Big, bold fun for everyone in the family, featuring long and short -form animation from award -winning festivals to popular cartoon classics.
- News Bytes HD - Current news headlines, weather and sports, all in HD, plus compelling feature stories and video essays.
- MOOV - Stunning motion -video with a continuous flow of unusual images set to music, creating a new artistic medium uniquely suited for HD.

VOOM Technology Provides An Unparalleled HDTV Experience

Rainbow DBS's VOOM uses the most advanced technology - including a state -of -the -art satellite, ground stations and receivers - to provide and deliver sharper images more efficiently than ever before. The latest advancement from Rainbow DBS will be the rollout of its VOOM HD Home Media Network, expected this summer. Built specifically for VOOM this groundbreaking service will feature an HD digital video recorder [DVR] that can record and playback HD video programming in its intended format.

For VOOM customers, a whole house solution will be achieved when this HDTV -capable DVR is combined with the VOOM HD Home Media Network's networking capabilities, which will allow customers to link televisions, computers and other entertainment devices so that programming, music and photos can be enjoyed throughout the house.

Rainbow DBS will be using embedded software from Ucentric Systems, a leading provider of home media networking software and service for the new digital home, in the development of this product.

"VOOM's HD Home Media Network is being developed as state -of -the -art and the first of its kind anywhere in the world. VOOM will have the only DBS service with both HD DVR and Multiple HD sessions networked off a single drive over the in -home network. This will be the most advanced HD home product available," said Michael Collette, chief executive officer, Ucentric Systems. "We are very pleased to partner with VOOM in bringing this highly innovative product offering to market."

Additional key features of the VOOM HD Home Media Network will include:

- Standard DVR functionality: stop, start, rewind and fast -forward at the touch of a button
- Separate television control: pause and rewind a program on one television, while continuing to watch the same program on another television
- Record and play - whenever: record a program in one room and play it in another, at any time
- "Follow Me": pause a television program in one room and then continue watching the same program in another room
- Content organization: organize recorded content in folders and set parental controls that download automatically to each television in the house
- Music and photos: upload both music and photos from a computer, which can then be managed through on -screen television menus and enjoyed anywhere in the house

VOOM Delivers A Compelling Value Proposition - - Nationwide

In addition to the very latest in HD content and technology, VOOM customers will also receive several cable favorites such as the Disney Channel, A&E, FX, AMC and more, as well as over -the -air digital local broadcast channels delivered in standard definition (SD) and in HD where available. By February 2004, with the addition of new channels, customers will receive 39 HD channels and 88 standard -definition channels, including more than 40 cable favorites.

VOOM's state -of -the -art technology and dynamic programming give customers everything they need to enjoy the world of HDTV at an unmatched value, without requiring a long -term commitment. For $39.90 a month, customers will enjoy:
- 21 VOOM HD exclusives
- More than 40 cable favorites
- 18 digital music channels from Music Choice
- With the included off -air antenna, over -the -air digital local broadcast channels in standard definition and in HD where available

Each additional HD PlusPacks can be purchased for $14.90 per month. Customers also have access to adult Pay -Per -View programming in HD and Inside VOOM, a customer information channel.

For an initial one -time cost, customers will receive a satellite dish, remote control, digital off -air antenna and next -generation set -top receiver that seamlessly integrates local signals into one user -friendly program guide, specifically designed for the HD format.

VOOM is available at more than 1,600 Sears stores nationwide, or by calling 1 -800 -GET -VOOM or visiting www.voom.com.

Rapid Growth Forecasted for Underserved HDTV Market

According to Forrester Research, as many as six million households will have HDTV -compatible televisions by the end of 2003 - double the number of the previous year. That figure is expected to double again by 2005 and, according to analysts, by 2007, more than 40 million consumers will own HDTV sets.

According to a recent study by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA):

- Consumers are overwhelmingly unaware of existing HDTV content - 71 percent of those surveyed said they were not very familiar or not at all familiar with HDTV programming.
- Among potential HDTV purchasers, almost 30 percent of those surveyed cited lack of HDTV content as an inhibitor to purchasing an HDTV set.
- An even larger percentage of consumers surveyed lack basic information about how to receive the full benefits of HD programming:
- 74 percent of consumers were unaware that they need a set -top box to view HD programming
- 54 percent weren't aware that owning HDTV hardware would enable them to view programs in HD only if the programs were broadcast in HD.

Offering more than twice the HD programming provided by any other satellite or cable provider, Rainbow DBS's VOOM is already well positioned to help clarify some of the confusion regarding the transition, technology and reception of HD, and meet the demands of this growing HDTV audience.

About VOOM and Rainbow DBS

VOOM is the first and most complete service of high -definition programming for the rapidly expanding home entertainment market. By February 2004, VOOM will offer 39 high -definition channels to consumers across the continental United States, including an exclusive VOOM package of 21 brand -new, commercial -free channels such as WorldSport, Epics and Animania. VOOM is provided by Rainbow DBS, the satellite services division of Cablevision Systems Corporation. Consumers may purchase the VOOM equipment and sign up for the service through local Sears retailers, by calling 1 -800 -GETVOOM, or by visiting www.voom.com.

About Ucentric

Ucentric is a leading provider of home media networking software and services for the new digital home. Patented technology from Ucentric enables the secure, digital distribution of broadcast quality video, music and data to all connected rooms in the home, over low -cost, in -home wired or wireless networks. The company works with manufacturers of consumer electronics and set -top boxes as well as cable and satellite operators to create market -leading, media -rich products. Based in Maynard, Massachusetts, Ucentric is backed by Polaris Venture Partners. For more information about Ucentric, visit www.ucentric.com.

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