MedioStream Announces Real Time Television Recording to DVD from Desktop

Demonstration at CES 2004 shows enhanced version of neoSTUDIOT with VR standard DVD recording and television program recording capable neoTVT.

SAN JOSE, CA (January 6, 2004) - MedioStream, a leading provider of PC -based consumer software for recording video to DVDs, today announced that it has included television recording capabilities in its neoSTUDIO software suite to allow users that have a PC configured to display television programming to record their favorite shows to hard disk or directly to DVD.

The addition of neoTV allows straightforward TV watching and recording using a PC without complications:
· Watch TV full screen or use a custom size footprint for watching TV while working;
· Schedule programs for recording to hard disk drive or DVD;
· Record to hard disk drive in MPEG -1 or MPEG -2 format for editing later; and,
· Record direct to DVD or CD for storage of favorite programs.

MedioStream will also preview an all -new version of its popular neoDVD software. The latest release includes enhanced support to enable interoperability between discs created with neoDVD and those created with set -top DVD recorders by adding support for DVD -RW/RAM Video Recording support. Now neoDVD users will be able to edit and otherwise alter the content of DVDs created by any commercially available stand -alone DVD recorders.

The industry -standard Video Recording (VR) format allows users to create DVD video discs that can be edited. A DVD produced in VR format allows users to add new video content, change menu backgrounds, insert chapters, split video clips and even remove unwanted video segments without needing to change to a different disk.

"We are very excited about the release of neoDVD version 6.0. MedioStream now fully supports both DVD+RW VR and DVD -RAM/ -RW VR, and for the first time, users will now be able to use their DVD burner - regardless of format -to perform similar functions as the high -end DVD recorders at a much lower cost while retaining the flexibility a PC provides." Said Stephane Desproges, Director of Engineering at MedioStream.

Additional changes in the latest release of neoDVD include an updated, streamlined user interface, improved workflow, as well as SVCD support.

The new 'VR' features in neoSTUDIO to be previewed at CES 2004 including:

· " -VR" capabilities for DVD -RW/RAM - -edit disks created on commercially available DVD -RW/RAM DVD Recorders including full program and playlist support;

· Enhanced compatibility for "+VR" for DVD+RW/+R - -edit discs created on commercially available DVD+RW/+R DVD Recorders;

· Full compatibility and interoperability of both formats due to industry standard implementation;

· Introduction of SVCD support, now providing DVD, VCD and SVCD; and,

· New streamlined user interface and workflow, makes what was already easy to use even easier.

The neoSTUDIO suite is designed specifically for the average consumer with what is becoming standard technology - digital media, camcorders, DVD burners, and TV tuners in the PC. The software provided in neoSTUDIO provides everything consumers need to easily capture, archive, edit, compress, author, and burn digital imaging files onto their hard disks and recordable DVD/CD drives.

Software in the neoSTUDIO suite includes:

neoDVD - DVD authoring
neoTV - TV watching, capture and recording
neoPRODUCER - automatic video production
neoRECORDER - audio and data recording to CD
neoPLAYER - DVD playback on the PC

"MedioStream is dedicated to providing the technology to allow consumers to enjoy the promise of digital imaging without the headaches ", said Dr. Cheng C. Kao, President of MedioStream. "The past has shown that on comparable systems with comparable video quality, MedioStream's neoDVD is the fastest consumer software currently available on the market for burning video files to DVD. With that title and neoSTUDIO now including: our updated neoDVD; neoRECORDER; neoPRODUCER; neoPLAYER; and now neoTV, we are moving to be the most versatile solution available to consumers and OEMs who want the most out of their investment with the least commitment of time."

About MedioStream

MedioStream, Inc. delivers the latest digital video technology to the consumer market through innovative, simple and easy -to -use software solutions. MedioStream's digital video solutions include real -time authoring software and multi -format conversion options. As a leader in Host Signal Processing (HSP) technology, MedioStream pioneered the first real -time software MPEG -2 and DVD codecs, which can greatly enhance the functionality and features of digital VCR, DVD authoring, video streaming, and video editing applications. MedioStream is the first company to offer a complete end -to -end software solution that integrates real -time DV to MPEG -2 conversion with DVD authoring and burning, revolutionizing the ease and speed with which the average camcorder user can capture, edit, compress, author and burn DVD files onto their recordable drives. Founded in September 1998, MedioStream is based in San Jose, California. For more information, please visit .

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