Gracenote® has been awarded an Innovations Award for Gracenote Music Management System 2.0, the latest version of its information management platform.

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, ( January 8, 2004 ) - Gracenote®, the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media, has been awarded an Innovations Award for Gracenote Music Management System 2.0, the latest version of its information management platform, intended to improve the usability and value of all digital music playing devices and software applications. New features of the platform include the first dynamically generated automatic playlist technology for both desktop and embedded applications, and waveform recognition services that provide accurate and easy to use digital file identification for all music files regardless of their original source, file format or labeling. Located in Central Hall 2, Booth #8955, Gracenote will demonstrate the functionality offered by its new product suite and the benefits it provides to all music playing devices for home, car and portable use.

`The beauty of Gracenote`s technology is that it solves all of the critical issues that are inherent to digital music that can create problems for users, and often negatively impact their overall experience of a device,` stated Daniel Putterman, president and CEO, Mediabolic. `Gracenote`s first product did a great job of solving the basics, with music recognition and digital file cleaning: Version 2.0 pushes the boundaries by taking the things people already love doing with digital music and making them easier.`

Gracenote Music Management System 2.0 New Features:
Gracenote PlaylistSM 2.0 is the industry`s first dynamically generated playlist technology for both desktop and embedded platforms.

Playlist 2.0 introduces a number of powerful features, including:

* A highly flexible playlist generation engine that enables customized music mixes by using a wide variety of criteria to sort music
* The ability to save and store dynamic playlist definitions, even directly onto a device hard drive, enabling users to continually generate updated playlists as their collections evolve
* One -touch and `sounds -like` playlists that are developed by using one or more songs or artists as `seeds` to create dynamic playlists

Gracenote MusicIDSM 2.0
Provides accurate and easy -to -use digital file identification using waveform recognition technology. This service can be used on all digital music files regardless of their original source, file format or labeling:

* Multi -step process that pairs waveform recognition technology with text matching for the most accurate and reliable music recognition solution
* Can recognize digital music files based purely on the characteristics of the music signal itself, or by using text embedded in the file tags and name
* Enables new music recognition applications for all music, including analog sources

`These are significant improvements to our technology offering, which will dramatically improve the usability and sheer enjoyment of music devices,` said Craig Palmer, president and CEO for Gracenote.

Gracenote Music Management System Features:
Developed to meet the needs of device manufacturers developing the next generation of digital music devices, Gracenote Music Management System is a groundbreaking digital music platform that provides advanced functionality for all audio devices. The foundation of the suite is Gracenote`s industry standard CDDB music database and CD -identification technology and Gracenote MusicID for song -level and waveform music identification; Once files have been correctly identified, Gracenote Clean automatically sorts and tags all the digital files in a person`s collection, turning them into fully -functional, digital music libraries; Finally, Gracenote Playlist enables automatic and dynamic playlists at a touch of button, and Gracenote Link adds related music content and album art for an enriched listening experience. Gracenote Music Management System 2.0 is available now and is offered with a bundled pricing package.

Several related announcements were made today regarding newly launching Gracenote -enabled products for home and car audio.

About Gracenote Gracenote® is the worldwide leader in information services for digital music and media. Headquartered in Emeryville, California, with offices in Tokyo and Berlin and reseller agreements in Seoul and Paris, Gracenote provides a suite of integrated software and services that enable consumer electronics manufacturers and software developers to provide the best in digital entertainment. Globally, over 30 million users each month rely on Gracenote to provide an enhanced music listening experience, wherever they listen to music.

Gracenote`s information services are used by leading consumer electronics manufacturers including Alpine, Clarion, D&M Holdings, Digion, Fujitsu Ten, JVC, Gibson/Wurlitzer, Kenwood, Matsushita, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, RCA, Rockford Fosgate, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, TDK and Yamaha; as well as leading media players including AOL`s WinAmp, Apple`s iTunes and RealNetworks RealOne Player. For more information about Gracenote, go to
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