Wave7 Optics Partnering in Demonstration of the Latest Broadband Services at the Home by Design Show

Learn how fiber optic networks can power a wide range of consumer electronics at the Stardust Hotel.

Las Vegas - January 5, 2004 - The Last Mile Link™ optical broadband, aka "fiber to the home," network system from Wave7 Optics will be used to demonstrate the most advanced broadband services available today as part of the prestigious Home by Design Show House @ The Stardust hotel here during the month of January (www.homebydesignshowhouse.com). The show home will be available for viewing and tours from January 8 -30, 2004, during the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), The International Builder's Show (IBS) and the Surfaces trade shows.

Working in a network deployed by Cox Communications, one of the largest broadband communications companies in the U.S., the Last Mile Link will deliver video entertainment - - including HDTV, video on demand and personal video recording - - high speed Internet access; and IP telephony service. The show house project emphasizes "everyman's broadband" and `real -life connectivity,` which means integrating broadband connectivity with the home`s communication, entertainment, computing, and home energy/automation systems.

For instance, the tour will include broadband -enabled `appliances,` such as a media center PC and digital media adapters to connect PCs to existing audio and video systems and `connected applications` that take advantage of the broadband infrastructure. These applications include on -demand audio and video content and large `jukeboxes` stored on home PCs and played on existing audio and video systems.

"Broadband services are clearly the next residential utility," said David Waks, co -founder of Broadband Home Central (www.BroadbandHomeCentral.com). "Companies like Wave7 Optics are doing their part to drive down the price points in an effort to make broadband - and optical broadband in particular - - more widely available across the U.S. and around the world. We have written about the Last Mile Link and are delighted to demonstrate it 'in action' to our show house visitors."

"This is the biggest event of its kind and we are thrilled to have this opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of the Last Mile Link system to the many representatives of the consumer electronics industries and building trades coming to Las Vegas this month," said Tom Tighe, CEO of Wave7 Optics.
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The LML is an IP (Internet protocol) and Ethernet standards -based advanced optical access system that provides all traditional "carrier -grade" telephone services (including fax), high -speed data (e.g., Internet service) and both analog and digital video (including IP streaming video). The LML uses standard data, telephone, T1/E1 and CATV interfaces on its customer premise devices to accommodate existing home and business telephone, television and computer systems - - meaning customers do not have to buy new equipment to get on the all -optical network.

Featuring industry -leading privacy and security encryption techniques and industry -leading "quality of service" mechanisms designed for business applications, the LML overcomes the high -fiber counts, limited distance range and high "central office" equipment costs that have stymied the growth of fiber -to -the -home or -business systems.

About Wave7 Optics

Wave7 Optics Inc. is a market leader in the fiber -to -the -home and -business (FTTX) optical access market. The company`s Last Mile Link® optical access system effectively overcomes the cost and implementation barriers that have to date stymied the deployment of FTTX systems.

Wave7 Optics has pioneered the first intelligent PON (passive optical network) system, which is effectively a generation ahead of comparable PON technologies in both cost and capability. For instance, the "OLT" (optical line terminal) equivalent can be deployed either in the field or central office and the Last Mile Link uses lower cost IP - (Internet Protocol) and Ethernet -standards based components to provide a `triple play` of voice, video and very high -speed data services to residential, business and multi -tenant or multi -dwelling building customers. The Last Mile Link offers service providers a particular advantage with regards to video in that it is the only platform that supports upstream RF return signals and readily accommodates HDTV.

The company has been named a `Hot Start Up` company for 2003 by two of the world`s leading trade journals - - America`s Network and Telecommunications. Additional information about Wave7 Optics is available on the web at www.wave7optics.com or by contacting Emmanuel Vella at emmanuel.vella@w7optics.com.

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