Rotel Unveils High -Value DVD And DVD -Audio Players

Superior Performance, Unprecedented Affordability in Elegant New Designs

North Reading, MA -January 2004 -Rotel Electronics, renowned for more than four decades for their high -value/high -end audio and audio -video designs, has introduced two new DVD players intended to rewrite the standards for value and performance in this competitive class. The RDV -1050 DVD -Audio player and RDV -1040 DVD player share Rotel's well -known dedication to putting audio and video quality first, above features and specs.

`DVD players and DVD -Audio designs are fast becoming a commodity with many consumers,` says Rotel's V.P. & General Manager, Mike Bartlett. `However, we know that this still leaves thousands of serious music and movie enthusiasts who understand that low -priced DVD or DVD -A decks don't necessarily represent the best value.` Bartlett concludes, `This makes for a classic Rotel niche, and the RDV -1050 and 1040 are products we designed expressly to fill it; we expect them to be recognized instantly as the 'value -high -end' leaders in their respective categories.`

The new RDV -1050 DVD -Audio player reproduces high -resolution DVD -Audio multichannel and stereo recordings with state -of -the -art quality. Both the RDV -1050 and the RDV -1040 DVD player deliver DVD -Video movies and videos, CD -Video discs, and SVCD discs. And of course, they both handle audio CDs -including discs on CD -R/RW media -as well as discs containing MP3 and WMA compressed -audio files. Both models even accept JPEG -image photo discs for `slide -show` convenience. What's more, both players accept recordable and rewriteable DVDs, both DVD -R/RW and DVD+R/RW.

The new players also share many essential features such as robust, `over -engineered` power supply designs and meticulously selected audio and video digital and analog circuitry including costly high -current analog components and wideband audio and video digital converters. These include 24 -bit/9 -kHz audio DACs (on all channels for the RDV -1050), and the high -speed/wideband video DAC shared by both designs for pristine and stable screen images. There is even a new high -resolution graphical user interface Rotel developed to reduce the eyestrain of setup and everyday -use of on -screen menus.

Both players feature component -video outputs -user -selectable for progressive -scan or interlaced format -as well as S -Video and composite outputs. Each also furnishes digital -audio output in both optical and coaxial formats -an important convenience in many system setups -capable of sending PCM -stereo, Dolby Digital or DTS bitstreams to an AV receiver or other processor. Both of course also provide stereo analog -audio outputs, to which the RDV -1050 DVD -A design adds the center, surround, and subwoofer outputs required for multichannel playback.

The two models also share an innovative function named Express Play Start, which dramatically cuts down on the waiting between loading a DVD disc and the beginning of playback. DVD -Video staples -such as bi -directional multi -speed slow motion fast -search, and picture `zoom` and `strobe` features, are also common to the pair. Additionally, the RVD -1050 and RDV -1040 also share Rotel's Video Fine Processor circuitry that permits user -fine -tuning of picture parameters including sharpness, saturation, contrast, and more, ensuring fully optimized viewing with any disc.

As important as any single feature, however, is the clean, simple design and highly usable, intuitive control layouts these new players highlight. Both include full -function remote controllers; the RDV -1050's is a unique `glow` remote handset with enhanced low -light readability.
Model Finishes Availability Retail Price
RDV -1050 DVD -A Player: Black or Silver January 2004 $699.00
RDV -1040 DVD Player Black or Silver Now shipping $499.00

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