Rotel Debuts Dynamic Audio/Video Receivers

7.1-Channel Models Highlight Audiophile Power, Unique Flexibility, and Current Formats

North Reading, MA -January 2004 -Rotel Electronics, known throughout the world for their high -performance audio and video components, has introduced two new 7.1 -channel audio/video receivers for the ultimate home theater experience.

Both models -similar in function -are sophisticated, high -tech AV receivers with one important common feature -performance that Rotel has long been famous for. Clean, logical control layouts, uncluttered front panels, and intuitive commands make these uniquely welcoming and unintimidating components. For each model, Rotel provides expandability options to accommodate future component additions. The RSX -1056 (75 - watts x 5 channel) can be expanded to a 7.1 -channel system with the addition of a two -channel power amplifier. The 100 -watt x 7 channel RSX -1067 can be used either as a 7.1 or a 5.1 system. The "Redirect" function can take the two rear surround channels and send them to loudspeakers in another room for true multiroom sound including source - and volume -independent high -quality amplification.

The above power ratings reflect real -world, all -channels -driven power (into 8 ohms) originating from Rotel's recognized all -discrete -device, high -current output stages, resulting in audiophile -grade sonic performance. As is typical of Rotel designs, both feature the kinds of "over -engineered" power supplies that deliver generous current reserves and multiple, regulated voltage supplies for unrestrained dynamics with impressive freedom from noise and distortion.

Current surround -sound formats (courtesy of the latest -generation DSP engines from Crystal Semiconductors) are found in both the RSX -1506 and the RSX -1067, including Dolby Digital/EX and DTS/ES -ES -Discrete decoding for digital -multichannel programs and Dolby Pro Logic IIx and DTS Neo:6 modes for spacious playback of surround -encoded and stereo home -theater and music productions. They can also handle HDCD compact discs, and can reproduce CDs encoded with MP3 audio files. As an added benefit for the audio purist -a special mode on both models will bypass all digital processing.

Both models also feature 30 AM/FM presets for instant access to favorite broadcasts. Plenty of AV and digital -audio inputs and outputs are found on board each model, and adding to the simplicity of the systems -consumers can assign individual ID labels so that the front -panel display clearly represents the selected component: "DVD PLAYER," for example, making operation a breeze. You'll also find three HDTV -bandwidth component -video inputs with monitor output ready to accept the highest -performance AV sources and televisions at full resolution Video transcoding is also included.

For custom installations, three independent 12 -volt trigger outputs, IR -control -signal inputs, and discrete remote -on/off command codes make sophisticated yet "invisible" AV system integration a snap in either case.

A powerful yet simple fully programmable learning remote control is shipped with both the RSX -1056 and the RSX -1067.

Rotel Electronics is a family -owned company headquartered in Japan that has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing high -performance, high -quality audio and video components for more than four decades. The company's Balanced Design Concept -a disciplined synthesis of physics, electronics, and mechanical engineering -is evident in each component that is manufactured and distributed throughout the world. RSX -1067

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