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Meda Systems announces its line of Brávo™ media servers designed. Brávo™ servers are unique in providing multi-source, multi-zone, and multi-user entertainment at affordable prices.

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Partners with leading software and control systems companies

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, January 5, 2004: Meda Systems, maker of networked entertainment systems, today announced its line of Brávo™ media servers designed for
distributing digital music throughout the home. Brávo™ servers are unique in providing multi -source, multi -zone, and multi -user entertainment at affordable prices. Meda has partnered with Microsoft, D -Tools, Xplore, Crestron, AMX, Xantech and MusicBrainz to create cost -effective whole -home media solutions for systems integrators.

Brávo™ servers include three powerful built -in functions; 1) a high -capacity, audiophilequality music server, 2) a multi -source, multi -output digital mixer and preamp, and 3) a graphical user interface for virtually any display device, keypad or controller. With up to 50,000 songs storage capacity and up to 24 zones of synchronized music output at prices ranging from $3,000 to $9,000, Brávo™ sets new standards for affordable performance in digital media systems.

"Meda's products make digital entertainment easy, anywhere in the home," said Steve Raschke, President of Meda Systems. "By leveraging home networks and partnering with leading software and control system companies, Meda takes media server performance to the next level."

"Xplore Solutions is dedicated to the open platform for automation and audio/video. We're excited to include Meda as a system development partner and look forward to what our teams can develop together. The fun and excitement the future holds can be seen with our products working together," stated Daniel S. Kippycash, President and CEO of Xplore Solutions.

"D -Tools has partnered with Meda to help dealers specify, design, and pre -configure Brávo™ servers through their D -Tools Si™ software," said Adam Stone, CEO of D -Tools.
"Our software is an excellent match with the multi -source, multi -zone Brávo™ servers. Through our Manufacturer Showcase program we're providing shapes, stencils, and web links to Meda product specifications to help streamline the dealer's process."

"Meda is empowering consumers with the digital lifestyle," said Todd Brix, Group Product Manager, Embedded Devices Group, Microsoft Corp., "by providing wireless access to digital media through devices running Windows XP Embedded and Windows CE.NET. The rich functionality and seamless connectivity of Windows embedded systems provides partners like Meda with a set of platforms to cost -effectively deliver new customer experiences based on easy access to voice, video and data services from their devices."

Meda is now beta field -testing its products and signing dealers nationwide. The company plans to ship products to dealers beginning in February 2004. Meda will be
demonstrating Bravo servers at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 8 - 11, 2004. Meda's exhibit will be located in the LVCC South Hall 1 & 2, booth #19050.

About Meda Systems: Meda Systems' mission is to make digital entertainment technology easy in the comfort of your home, at a price you can afford. Meda was cofounded in 2003 and is led by Steve Raschke, a career systems integration and networking industries veteran. Meda's Bravo™ servers simplify whole -house media
distribution by supporting multiple source inputs, multiple zone outputs, multiple users, onboard digital mixing and audio distribution, multi -zone sync, and wireless touch screen control. Bravo™ servers are simple to install, easy to use, and fit right into the budget. Discover more online at or call (510) 832 -6332.

Contact: Steve Raschke,
ph: (510) 832 -6332, cell: (510) 414 -4804

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