DH2 Provides Additional Connectivity and Powerful RS232 Compatibility

CES, Las Vegas, NV January 8, 2004 - IntelliNet Controls, a leading innovator of advanced multi -room audio and control systems, announced their DH2, a surface mount Digital Hub that provides a valuable addition to the company's award -winning RS3000 system. Like the currently available DH1 hub, DH2 routes and learns IR, translates IC's control code to and from the network, offers relay and X10 control, and more - all in a LAN environment. The DH2 makes those services and more available to IP based devices within an RS3000 installation. The DH2 will be available February, 2004 with a MAP of $1100.

The DH2 is an important addition to the series of components that make up the highly innovative RS3000 system. The RS3000, based on IP, is an advanced distributed audio and automation control system. Among its most exciting features is the inclusion of on -board RS232 support with a standard 9 -pin D -connector. This allows the RS3000 to interface and communicate with certain components and systems (Crestron®, AMX®, etc.) that use RS232 protocols, assuming associated support software supplied by the device manufacturer or a third party. In addition, the DH2 includes 5 internal relays (4 more than the DH1), for dry -contact control of connected devices. Lighting, powered projection screens, powered draperies, system fans can all be controlled using the built -in relays providing the option of many new conveniences for the end -user.

According to Michael Stein, Vice -President of Engineering and founder of IntelliNet Controls, "The DH2 is a logical extension of our DH1 and a valuable addition to our RS3000 system both today and in the future. Right away, the DH2 provides the installer additional control options as well as more flexibility in installation." Mr. Stein commented further, "Looking ahead, the DH2, and its ready compatibility with other products, will open up powerful possibilities for applications with virtually all other components."

The original DH1 is a double -gang in -wall Decora® style device while the new DH2 is a black metal, surface -mount component that allows for placement in installations not practical for the in -wall model. Both units are designed to be located behind or adjacent to the audio system's component rack for optimum convenience and ease of installation. The DH2 expands the IC/RS3000 product line and allows for better integration with systems and components from other brands while providing more control and mounting options than the DH1. The DH1 will remain in the IntelliNet Controls product line for systems that don't require the DH2's advanced features or where in -wall mounting is necessary."

IntelliNet Controls is an innovative designer and manufacturer of advanced web -based multi -room audio distribution and control systems for residential applications. IntelliNet Controls provides visionary solutions today to lead the systems integration industry into the digital age tomorrow. A Russound company based in Newmarket, New Hampshire, IntelliNet Controls products are marketed throughout North America to the custom audio specialist and systems integrator. Additional information about IntelliNet Controls and its products can be readily obtained at or via e -mail at
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