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Asoka's new Powerline Communications (PLC) networking and security products recognized by 2004 CES as honorees and winner of Innovations 2004 Design and Engineering Showcase. Products designed for ease of use, mobility and WiFi.

San Carlos, CA - January 6, 2004 - In -Stat Group predicts that the networked home and office marketplace will expand by US $5.3 billion worldwide by 2007. This includes WiFi as well as other networking products designed for the home and office. Powerline Communications (PLC) networking, a complimentary solution to WiFi, gets a boost this week from four new products introduced by Asoka USA Corporation. Following along the heels of their second -generation PLC networking products, Asoka™ expands its PLC line with four new products. Three are designed for the home, mobile and WiFi market while the commercial sector is getting a look at the world's first PLC Network Jack and IP Security Camera designed specifically for commercial uses.

Home Market Products

PlugLink™ Ethernet Wall Mount (PL9631 -ETH) offers home and office users the simplicity of employing existing electrical wires as the network conduit via PLC technology. A member of Asoka's Wireless Access Point products, the PL9631 -ETH adds to the product family's easy of use features with the convenience of a universal power supply (110V/220V) and foldable plugs that allow portable computing travelers to set up immediate and instantaneous networking capabilities while keeping the device's physical footprint small enough to fit in a travel briefcase.

The PlugLink™ PL Wireless Access Point (PL9540 -WAP), a second -generation product, is designed for the mobile and WiFi user. It lets users employ both powerline and WiFi networking simultaneously using convenient wall mount plug capabilities. Like it's cousin, the PL9520 -WAP, Asoka's PL9540 -WAP is ideal for laptop users who need to set up a network without WiFi dead zones and desire network extensions without pulling additional cable or wiring another system. Gamers will find PlugLink PL Wireless Access Point ideal for enhancing existing gaming networks to expand party and play locations. The PL9520 -WAP is designed for the home market and does not feature universal power or foldable plugs.

Commercial Market Products

Asoka introduces a new line of networking and security products designed for the commercial networking market called PlugLAN™. The PlugLAN™ Network Jack (PL8730 -EFP) was recently awarded the 2004 CES Best of Innovations Award in the Integrated Home Systems category. This award -winning product takes the best of PLC technology and pushes the envelope as the world's first PLC integrated electrical jack that is HomePlug compatible and features both a standard outlet and Ethernet based network plug. Designed to replace traditional Cat -5 wiring, the PlugLAN Network Jack replaces a standard electrical outlet and immediately turns it into an Internet access point -maximizing existing house or commercial wiring while instantaneously equipping a home or office with a ready to use network. Instead of replacing multiple network routers and hubs as technology changes, the PlugLink Network Jack eliminates the need for network adapters when sharing files, computing accessories (i.e. printers, scanners), Internet access, and games.

Riding on its success in home networking, Asoka introduces the world's first security camera that is 100% user deployed with an Internet browser interface. The PlugLAN™ IP Camera (PL8830 -CCD/PL8830 -CMOS) provides a convenient and reliable way for users to set up a security system. A simple browser interface allows manageability on the Internet. PLC technology interfaces as the networking backbone when users insert the PlugLink™ IP Camera into any electrical outlet. Unlike X -10 IP Cameras that use low frequency technologies, the PlugLink IP Camera employs the industry's most advance modulation technology allowing for greater system reliability and less frequent part replacements. PlugLink™ IP Camera software also allows users to easily view four different IP cameras from one computer monitor via motion or still jpegs. Images can be captured and recorded onto a server or tape.

"These products fulfill the promise Asoka made to users over three years ago," explains T.K. Chan, president and CEO of Asoka. "Our goal is to make connectivity a reality for everyone with no new wires™. Asoka's PlugLink Ethernet Wall Mount, PlugLink Wireless Access Point, PlugLAN Network Jack and PlugLAN IP Camera extend that promise."

PLC uses electrical outlets and wiring throughout a home to connect computers and peripherals to each other. Instead of installing cabling or worrying about hackers and WiFi security issues, Asoka's PlugLink and PlugLAN™ products plug into electrical wall outlets creating a unified network of computers and peripherals in the home or small office. Users can share files, printers and more on separate computers, all through a single Internet service account.

About Asoka USA Corporation: Dedicated to Making Connectivity a Reality™, Asoka specializes on an emerging de facto connectivity standard known as Powerline Communications (PLC). PLC employs existing electrical wiring of a home or building as the medium for data transmission. Asoka designs, develops, manufactures and provides no new wires™ network solutions to individuals and businesses looking for an easy -to -use, cost -effective and reliable way to share and integrate resources. For more information, please visit


PL9631: PlugLink™ Ethernet Wall Mount

Cost: $99


Multiple access points to Internet using Powerline technology
Foldable plugs for traveling and portability
Supports up to 14Mbps on powerline
Fully compatible with IEEE 802.11g
Built in 56 -bit DES encryption
Easy set up and installation
Universal power capabilities - 100 -230V power operation and input
Windows® 98SE, 2000, ME & XP compatible
Up to 500 meters in distance

PL8730 -EFP: PlugLAN™ Network Jack

Cost: $99


Standard Compliance: HomePlug® Powerline v1.01
Protocol: TCP/IP
Ethernet (RH -45) interface
Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3
Supports up to 14Mbps on powerline
LED Status: PWR, PL -ACT
Power Input: 90VAC - 245VAC, 3W
Safety & EMI: FCC part 15, UL (US and Canada), CE
Windows® 98 SE, 2000, ME & XP

PL9540 -WAP: PlugLink™ Wireless Access Point

Cost: $139


All in one wireless solution for powerline/WiFi ready networks

Fully compatible with IEEE 802.11g
Uses CF cards
Supports up to 11 Mbps on wireless and 14Mbps on powerline
Built in 128 -bit encryption on wireless network
Built in 56 -bit encryption on powerline network
Easy set up and installation
8VDC @1.2A power input
Windows® 98SE, 2000, ME & XP compatible
11 channels
Up to 500 meters in distance

PL8830 -CCD and PL8830 -CMOS: PlugLAN™ IP Camera

Cost: $399 for the PL8830 -CCD and PL8830 -CMOS


Sony Super HAD CCD
32 bit RISC Process
2Mbytes Flash ROM
16 M Bytes SDRAM
Network throughput: Max 800Kbps with 30 fps/video
Automatic Gain Control, manual electric shutter
Built in 56 -bit DES encryption on powerline network

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