Klegg's tiny egg speakers to create big noise in North American market

World debut of M6 501 II anticipated at 2004 CES in Las Vegas

NEW YORK - The tiny egg -shaped speakers that pack incredible sound designed by London -based Klegg Audio are poised to become a hot commodity among American and Canadian audiophiles beginning in February. Until then, they can salivate over Klegg's newest miniature home theatre system at the International CES, Jan. 8 -11 in Las Vegas.

Having garnered a slew of glowing reviews from European consumer electronics magazines, Klegg's M6 501 home theatre system was already tough to beat. However, upgraded circuitry and the addition of Dolby Pro Logic II decoding make the M6 501II one of the world's top compact systems, said Dennis Gentles, president of Klegg Audio North America, Inc.

"The North American market is crying for a small home theatre system that offers a sound quality as good as or better than standard -sized high -end competitors," he said. "For the apartment dweller or homeowner looking for a discrete high -end system, the M6 501II can't be beat when it comes to performance and price. We have virtually no competition."

The Klegg M6 501II is a complete home theater system, incorporating a digital decoder with Dolby Digital, DTS and Dolby Pro Logic II decoding. It also utilizes 2 -inch satellite drivers, a center bass driver and a 6 ½ -inch subwoofer. Suggested retail price is $1,499.

Klegg's signature egg -shaped speakers are smaller than the size of a credit card and fit in the palm of your hand, but they pack quite a punch! The 100% magnetically shielded zinc -alloy satellite speakers with gold -plated connectors and the M6 501 II subwoofer unit deliver powerful audio performance with unprecedented depth, clarity and accuracy.

Even in a small room, you'll feel like you're in a movie theatre when listening to the Klegg system. The M6 501 II processor board is designed to eliminate system noise during signal amplification. All you will hear is the intended DVD or CD sound track with absolute clarity. With its state -of -the -art processor, even a low -end DVD will provide optimum performance when it's coupled with the M6 501 II.

Klegg Audio`s innovative Human Acoustic Technology (TM) replicates natural sounds as the human ear hears them. This technology provides exceptionally accurate and life -like sound reproduction. Just as in real life, the Klegg M6 501 II delivers sound from specific points of focus resulting in an unparalleled surround audio experience, all with discreet little speakers that don't have to dominate your entire living room.

With six -channel input, all the M6 501 II requires is a DVD player. Speaker cables are included to make set -up quick and easy. Within minutes an owner has a state -of -the -art home theatre ready for a movie or music play.

In February, Klegg North America will begin distributing the M6 501 II and in May, the M8 501. The M8 501 delivers even more power than the M6 501 II, and with the same incredible sound and digital processor. This complete home entertainment theatre comes with Dolby Digital, DTS, Dolby Pro Logic II and MP3 amplified receiver, 3 -inch satellite drivers and an 8 -inch subwoofer.

Klegg Audio manufactures high end home theater systems. Klegg Audio speakers are 100% magnetically shielded, they are housed in zinc -alloy enclosures and have gold plated connectors. Despite their luxurious look and high -end audio capability, Klegg Audio systems are reasonably priced. Klegg Audio North America is based in New York and distributes home theatre systems to electronics stores throughout the United States and Canada.

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